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Breathing Clinics Private Consultation

Capno assessment

We offer private consultations at our clinic in Freemans Bay, Auckland. Each consultation includes a full breathing assessment including capnography. Capnography is a biofeedback tool that measures a range of breathing parameters for diagnosing and unlearning dysfunctional breathing. You can read more about capnography here »

You will be given some breathing exercises and guidelines for controlling symptoms to help get you started on the path to health through optimal breathing. The session is recommended for anyone who snores or suffers from sleep apnea, insomnia, asthma, allergies, chronic nasal congestion, recurring respiratory problems, stress-related disorders and dental problems resulting from mouth breathing. 

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Private Consultations: The fee for an initial or follow-up one-hour private consultation is $155 including GST.

Group Courses: An earlybird course fee of $750 is available if paid in full, two weeks in advance. Discount for families and time payment options are also available. 

Privacy Statement:  We will use this information solely to communicate with you. We will not sell or share this information with any third party. Further information is available in our  Privacy Policy .

About the Buteyko Breathing Clinics programme

The Buteyko breathing programme is recommended for a wide range of breathing-related disorders. It can help in the relief of anxiety or stress-related disorders,  asthma, allergies, chronic nasal congestion, chronic cough, COPD and other respiratory problems. The programme is also effective for sleep disorders including snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia and teeth grinding. It is recommended for dental problems caused by incorrect breathing.  It is effective for improving fitness and boosting sport performance at all levels and for all sports. Our courses are suitable for both children and adults.

Buteyko is a clinically proven technique delivering immediate and sustained relief from breathing-related problems in children and adults

Buteyko Breathing Clinics

Helping people with breathing disorders since 2001

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Download our leaflets [PDFs]:  Do you suffer from asthma or allergies? »    Do you snore or suffer from sleep apnoea? »

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