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Breathing Clinics Overview

Learn how breathing works:  The Buteyko Breathing Clinic offers a health education programme of breathing exercises and lifestyle guidelines which corrects and alleviates breathing-related conditions including sleep apnoea, insomnia, snoring, asthma, emphysema (COPD), chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, hay fever, allergieschronic nasal congestion, hypertension, chronic fatigue, hyperventilation syndrome (HVS), anxiety/panic attacks and many other breathing-related disorders.

Benefits include better sleep, ability to cope with stress, improved fitness/ sports performance and less susceptibility to colds and flu.  Correct breathing is also recognised as an essential factor in dental health.  The Buteyko breathing technique can be learned by children as young as three and adults of any age.

The Buteyko Breathing Clinic programme includes the Buteyko Institute Method of breathing retraining: What you should expect »

Buteyko Breathing Clinics session

Buteyko Clinic Course Schedule

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Auckland Course

Monday 14 – Thursday 17 January 2019


Buteyko Breathing Clinic, Auckland

Glenn White

Auckland Course

Monday 21 – Thursday 24 January


Buteyko Breathing Clinic, Auckland

Glenn White

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An earlybird course fee of $650 is available if paid in full, two weeks in advance. Discount for families and time payment options are also available. 

Helping people with breathing disorders since 2001

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