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Sleep Disorders and Buteyko Testimonials

Feedback from clients whose snoring, sleep apnea (apnoea) and insomnia has been helped by the Buteyko breathing technique. 

  • Steve Haggie
    Hi Glenn, today I took back to Waikato Hospital my CPAP machine and told them I no longer need it as I have attended your classes. My wife for the first time in years now sleeps peacefully knowing that I now no longer snore and more importantly don’t violently shake the bed and hold my breath. More
  • Aurora Fernandez – Insomnia
    I've had insomnia for at least 10 years now. My sleep doctor said I did not have sleep apnea, but 'insomnia only', and that it is common for older people (I am 75 years old). He said there is no cure for insomnia and gave me sleeping pills. Lo and behold, my insomnia seems cured! More
  • Jackie Thomson BHSc (Nsg) RGON
    Not using the CPAP machine is such a bonus! More
  • Essie, 65
    Doing the Buteyko programme was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I was suffering with Hyperventilation Syndrome, panic attacks, and sleep apnoea. This caused my blood pressure to swing up and down. I was taking Betaloc to control the blood pressure which added to my symptoms. I was also on medication for high Cholesterol, from which I had side effects. More
  • Joan, 56
    I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea in 2004. A CPAP machine was recommended. The prospect of being hooked up to a machine that breathed for me at night was freaky but I was running out of options. More
  • Charles, 54
    I haven’t used my CPAP machine since day two of the Buteyko course. It’s been sitting in the wardrobe gathering dust for 8 months now. Thank you Buteyko. More
  • Margaret Lawlor-Bartlett QSM
    I did the Buteyko course in July 2005. The advice given on the course just made perfect sense and I still use the breathing exercises to this day to help control my sleep apnoea. More
  • Kris (Parent)
    At the age of 5 my son (a regular bed wetter and sufferer of hayfever) started to have night terrors, which were scarey for him as well as us his parents. The bedwetting we thought he would grow out of; the hayfever possibly as well though we gave infrequent medication as required, but the night terrors we could find no treatment or strategy for. At times the terrors became as frequent as once or twice a week which made our son apprehensive about going to bed... More
  • Jacinda
    Anyone that breathes should do this course. Buteyko breathing is like a secret 'tool' we all have within us that everybody should know about! I was actually quite shocked to discover how much our breathing patterns affect the chemical, mental, spiritual and physiological balance of our bodies. Why did nobody tell me this earlier?! More
  • Daniel
    The improvements I've noticed in three months have been astronomical compared to the six months that I was on the CPAP machine and I would recommend anybody, regardless of their health situation to try this method because it is made a huge difference in my life. I would definitely recommend anyone who suffers from poor sleep to consider conducting one of these courses before having a sleep study conducted. More
  • Trevor
    I recently attended a programme run by Glenn. My wife suggested it, as she does most wise things to me. She thought it would help my sleeping issues, being poor sleep, restless, snoring etc, all those things that your partners love about you when you are sleeping. More
  • Bob, Retired Accountant, Northland
    I have had snoring issues for a number of years which caused sleeping problems for both myself and my wife. I have worn an in-mouth snoreguard device every night for more than 10 years, and, although it did reduce my snoring, it didn't work if I slept on my back. I also tried hypnosis which was also only partly successful. In September I attended a 4 day Buteyko course to see if it could help reduce my snoring.... More
  • Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson Ph.D
    I live with a most enchanting woman, who found my snoring very off-putting. Well, guess what? After Buteyko, I stopped snoring! More
  • Blake Cannell, 11 - Poor sleep and chronic fatigue
    Words can’t describe how awesome the results have been in the short time we have been attending the clinic. More
  • James Hudson
    I no longer use a CPAP to sleep at night and seem to be sleeping better and longer. This is a big benefit for me and I no longer have to cart a CPAP machine around with me when I travel. More

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