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Dental Professionals' Feedback

  • Yvonne Vannoort BDS Otago
    I am very thankful for the help that you give to both children and adults alike here at Sanctuary Dental. We have seen adults that have had relief from snoring, sleep apnoea, acid-reflux and headaches, and children that have been relieved of asthma. More
  • Susan Clow BDS – Enlarged Tonsils
    Susan Clow BDS runs the Dentist Pukekohe and credits the Buteyko course with resolving her daughter's enlarged tonsils of nine years. She was so impressed that she now offers Buteyko courses at her dental practice. More
  • Dr John Flutter BDS
    When I see a child for the first time seeking orthodontic treatment the first thing I assess is the breathing pattern. All children who are chronic mouth-breathers will develop a malocclusion. More
  • Nicholas Anderson BDS
    I strongly believe that improper breathing is a major contributory factor for the orthodontic problems I see. If this cause is not addressed the success of the orthodontic treatment will be limited and the chance of relapse (treatment failure) is very high. More
  • Dr Alfonso Vargas
    Buteyko breathing therapy plays an important role in helping facial-dental development in the children that participate in our program. The technique corrects mouth breathing which can lead to incorrect jaw posture/development and poor facial muscle function. More

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