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Allergies - A Natural Remedy

Allergies are a disorder of the immune system resulting in allergic reactions to normally harmless substances, known as allergens. Common allergic reactions include eczema, hay fever, asthma, conjunctivitis, food allergies and reactions to the bite or sting of insects.

Asthma often, but not always has, an allergic component and it is not uncommon for asthma sufferers to exhibit other allergic reactions such as hay fever or eczema.

  • The common perception is that the more we breathe, the better we live. However, this advice contradicts fundamental principles of respiration. Healthy breathing is breathing that meets the body’s needs and provides optimal conditions for health. It doesn’t mean the more you breathe the better off you are, in the same way that the key to good nutrition is not eating more...
  • Typical inhaled triggers may include house dust, dust mites, cat dander, feathers, mould and fungus spores, solvents, perfumes, second-hand smoke, chlorine (swimming pools)...
  • Allergy sufferers will most likely have tried many treatments including steroid nasal sprays to reduce the symptoms of seasonal hay fever, antihistamines, nasal decongestants, hydrocortisone creams, asthma medications and those prone to anaphylactic reactions may need to carry an epicene...
  • It is only in the last century that asthma and allergies have reached epidemic levels and despite extensive research, the underlying cause of this epidemic remains elusive to western medicine. Allergies are often considered to be diseases of civilization and herein lies the clue...
  • Something that distinguishes our modern lifestyles from our grandparents' is the way that the stresses of modern life and the more-sedentary habits, bigger appetites and food choices are causing us all to breathe more...
  • The Buteyko clinic breathing re-training programme aims to reduce allergic symptoms by helping to normalise the breathing pattern. Symptom improvement is usually achieved in the first 2-3 sessions...

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