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Glenn White

Glenn White 

Glenn White is a Buteyko Institute certified practitioner trainer and director of the Buteyko Breathing Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand.

Glenn overcame a lifetime of asthma and allergies after completing a Buteyko breathing course in 2000. He has been asthma, allergy and drug free since that time. Overcoming a lifetime illness led Glenn to train as a Buteyko Institute practitioner in the UK, returning to open the Buteyko Breathing Clinic in New Zealand in 2001.

The clinic specialises in a wide range of breathing-related disorders including snoring, sleep apnoea, asthma, allergies, hay fever, chronic bronchitis, stress-related conditions, panic attacks and chronic fatigue. The clinic also offers specialised programmes for athletes wanting to boost sport performance. Thousands have attended his clinics, both in New Zealand and internationally, for help with breathing disorders.

Glenn has spoken at conferences both nationally and internationally and was part of a group of four practitioners that travelled to Havana, Cuba in 2004 to train 14 practitioners and teach Buteyko to 200 children and adults with asthma. He contributes regular articles on breathing disorders to local media and his work has attracted media interest, including a feature on TV's Campbell Live in 2006 and on the series Is Modern Medicine Killing You? screening in 2012.

Glenn teaches courses and trains practitioners in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Japan. His goal is to have breathing assessments and retraining incorporated into general practice to help reduce the burden of breathing disorders like asthma and sleep apnoea.

Please contact us if you would like Glenn to present a breathing workshop at your practice.
We offer CPD points for health professionals attending our workshops. 

Read Glenn's personal story here:

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Full version excerpted from Philip Dowling's "Journeys back to health" » 

Professional presentations and workshops:

19 July 2019 New Zealand College of Massage
13-23 May 2019 Workshops for dentists, Shizuoka, Japan
6 March 2019 ProCare GPs, Grafton, Auckland
21 February 2019 Wellpark College of Natural Therapies
11 August 2017 Wellpark College of Natural Therapies
23 June 2017 Wellpark College of Natural Therapies
30 May 2017 Integrative Health Options, Auckland
19 April 2016 Workshop – Asthma New Zealand, Auckland
4 April 2016 Wellpark College 1st year Naturopathic students
12-13 March 2016 Workshops co-presented with Dan Hanson of Heal Dental
24-29 January 2016 Duckling Dental, Shizuoka, Japan – Workshops for Dental Professional
30 November 2015 Little Bird, Ponsonby – Public Talk
6 November 2015 National Respiratory Conference, Wellington
22 October 2015 Wellbeing Centre – Stress Free Living with Roseanne Sullivan & Gloria Seaman
10 October 2015 AIMA New Zealand – Address Stress with Eric Bakker
24 August 2015 NZ College of Massage – Buteyko Intro
29 April 2015 Ngaio Health Centre Anniversary
22 October 2014 Wellpark College of Natural Therapies – 1st year students
10 October 2014 Asthma Foundation Conference presentation
21 September 2014 Presentation to staff at Stonefields School
16 June 2014 Duckling Dental, Shizuoka, Japan – Seminar to Dental Therapists
8 May 2014 Sanctuary Dental – Seminar to Dental Therapists
19 February 2014 ecostore – Media-only event
12 November 2013 Sanctuary Dental – Dental practitioners
5 November 2013 North Shore Surgery
1 November2013 Breathe Series Workshop
28 September 2013 Naturopathic AGM – South Pacific College
17 September 2013 Presentation to Alexander Technique Practitioners
10 July 2013 Sanctuary Dental
2 March 2013 “Raising Healthy Families” Workshop with Dr. Leila Masson
8 December 2012 Glendowie College Sports Seminar
27 November 2012 AIMA Presentation with Dr. Nic Anderson of Alpers Dental
23 November 2012 Laser LifeCARE Institute – Dental practitioners
16 November 2012 South Pacific College of Natural Therapies – Third year students
31 May 2012 Wellpark College of Natural Therapies – Third year students
28 May 2012 Balance Massage
3 October 2011 New Zealand College of Massage workshop for third year students
28 June 2011 AIMA presentation - Dr Patrick McHugh & Glenn White
30 May 2011 Breathing retraining intro Wellpark College 3rd year students
21 May 2011 AUT Breathing, Performance and Rehabilitation post grad paper
29 October 2010 South Pacific College of Natural Therapies
29 July 2010 New Zealand College of Massage
22 May 2010 AUT Breathing, Performance and Rehabilitation post grad paper
30 March 2010 Wellpark College of Natural Therapies
26 November 2009 New Zealand College of Massage
17 November 2009 South Pacific College of Natural therapies
7 October 2009 Procare Health Ltd – PHO GP Group
12 August 2009 Herbal Health Centre (doctors peer group)
2 May 2009 Wellpark College of Natural Therapies
17 October 2008 Wellpark College 1st year students
31 July 2008 Manik Organic, Sanur Bali
30 July 2008 Bali Spirit, Ubud Bali
23 April 2008 Wellington Regional Asthma Society
21 April 2008 Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand
5 March 2008 Aspiring Medical Centre - Wanaka, South Island
23 November 2007 Buteyko conference - Brisbane, Australia
20 August 2007 South Pacific College of Natural Therapies 1st year students & faculty
8 August 2007 North Shore Hospital, Auckland - Physiotherapists
7 June 2007 Shape up Slim down Group - Fitness Station with Damian Kristoff
29 May 2007 Tamaki PHO Nurses
26 May 2007 MINDD Forum on Child Health, Auckland
24 May 2007 Wellpark College 3rd year students
21 May 2007 Body Tech Fitness, Auckland 
6 May 2007 AIMA Weekend Seminar, Auckland
27 March 2007 Wellpark College, Auckland 1st year students
27 March 2007 Shape up Slim down, Fitness Station 
5 February 2007 Respiratory Nurses, Middlemore Hospital
25 November 2006 Buteyko Institute AGM, Melbourne 
18 November 2006 National Respiratory conference, Auckland

Helping people with breathing disorders since 2001

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