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Sports Performance and Buteyko Testimonials

Feedback from clients whose sports performance has been enhanced by the Buteyko breathing, both those with asthma and without.

Dylan breathes through his nose to boost his performance

Dylan did our Buteyko course in 2017, when he was 8 years old. This is a video of him his mother shared two years later. He trains for track and field every Tuesday and here he is doing long jump. His mouth is closed and this translates to better posture, breathing and maximal oxygen delivery to every muscle. Read more about Dylan » 

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  • Dylan, 10 years old
    Dylan was first referred to my clinic by Dr Leila Masson back in November 2017 when he was eight years old. Fast forward two years after completing the Buteyko course to now... More
  • Kaytee Boyd, BSc BPhEd
    I refer my clients to Glenn’s breathing clinic and recommend his programme to boost performance in any sport. More
  • Darnelle Timbs - NZ rowing four 2004-5
    I undertook a Buteyko course run by Glenn White in November of 2004. I have not had an asthma attack since. Nor have I used an asthma puffer. I have incorporated the principles I learned from Buteyko into my training. I credit Buteyko with totally overcoming my asthma and I am truly grateful for all it has taught me. More
  • Con Barrell, Former All Black
    A veteran of 77 matches for North Auckland (now Northland) prior to even reaching Christchurch, Con Barrell went on to add 52 caps for Canterbury prior to his retirement in 1999, as well as falling just short of a half century of appearances for the Crusaders... More
  • Leon Verhulst
    I want to thank you for all your help. I attended your classes two years ago and am happy to say that Buteyko changed my life. I can run (half marathons and the hundreds of kilometres of training in order to perform one without a single puff. More
  • Hil Stapper
    Just a quick note to say thank you for seeing me a week ago. I followed your recommendations and practised everything for five days before going into the Motatapu Race last Saturday. More
  • Mark, 49
    I use the Buteyko method for training purposes and find it extremely good for accelerating recovery. More
  • Amanda Gillings (Mother of Emma 14)
    "My daughter, Emma, aged 14 years has completed the Buteyko course with Glenn. For the past 4 years Emma has been taking Flixotide after being diagnosed with Asthma and using a Ventolin inhaler. Since completing the Buteyko course, Emma has not needed to use her Ventolin at all when in the past, at this time of year, change of seasons with pollen etc, she has been a regular user. More
  • Roger, 51
    I was a mild asthmatic and would take medication reluctantly. I would inevitably end up with pneumonia on a yearly basis. I am a rowing coach and as such I have to “fill in” sometimes when one of the crew is not able to train. More
  • Neil Chase
    As a runner I have benefited greatly from improved breathing control and efficiency. I successfully trained for the Auckland Marathon using only Buteyko method breathing and can consistently run between 4:30 and 5:00 minutes per kilometre. My resting heart rate is now typically in the low to mid 40’s. An added bonus is that I now find that I need to drink less while running. More
  • Raphael (Mother of Luke)
    Luke has been asthma free since doing a Buteyko course in 2004. Luke now achieves his full potential in the sports he loves without the limitations of asthma or need for medication. More
  • Jannene Alexander
    I have been an asthmatic since the age of thirty. I was probably also asthmatic as a child but it was treated then as a chronic coughs. I made the decision 18 months ago to get fit and compete in the Sovereign Series Swim across Auckland Harbour. I made the crossing and am now hooked on swimming. However, the increased training caused my asthma to deteriorate... More
  • Melissa Neville
    The course has taught me the hazards of always mouth breathing and the health implications when you do. What I am most grateful is being able to play netball for an entire day and not become dehydrated nor have an insane headache or throw up. More

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