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Other Breathing Disorders Testimonials

Feedback from clients whose hay fever, allergies, sinusitis, COPD, bronchitis, Pulmonary Fibrosis, enlarged tonsils, eczema, hyperventilation, anxiety/panic attacks and gastric reflux have been helped by the Buteyko breathing programme. 

  • Phil Kitchen - Sinus problems
    My nose is now clear, snoring has decreased by 80-90% and both my partner and I get a great night’s sleep. ... I have spoken to a few people about the course and will be encouraging them to take a serious look at how they can benefit from it. More
  • Susan Allen Yoga instructor overcomes a lifetime of  hay fever
    I had been a lifetime sufferer of hay fever and nasal congestion. If you’ve ever had this yourself you will know how debilitating, uncomfortable and frustrating it is. More
  • Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson Ph.D
    Author of the New York Times best-seller When Elephants Weep and 28 other books. More
  • Robert Picciotto - The Science of Breathing
    I have greatly benefited from Buteyko training. Glenn's approach relies on systematic monitoring of behaviour and impacts. It is theory based which was critical in my case since I was not aware of the linkages between faulty breathing, carbon dioxide deficits and physiological stress. More
  • Ross Ellison - Pulmonary Fibrosis
    I was diagnosed with a lung condition, Pulmonary Fibrosis, just prior to last Christmas (Dec 2012). The Specialist and my own Doctor made no suggestions for alternative treatment, advised there was no cure, and to go and enjoy life.
    Not being prepared to readily accept such advice I contacted Glenn regarding the Buteyko Breathing Method which I knew little about at the time. More
  • Pam, 63 - Hyperventilation syndrome
    It is now 5 months since I completed the Buteyko Course. For 6 years I suffered with hyperventilation syndrome and have been amazed at the benefits I have experienced. Prior to completing the course I had seen five different breathing specialists. All of these specialists helped but none to the extent that Buteyko did. Dealing with hyperventilation on a daily basis had taken over my life. More
  • Yvonne Wilkie, 69 - Asthma/sinusitis/reflux
    I undertook a Buteyko course run by Glenn White in May 2007. The change in my life has been dramatic with friends commenting on the fact that I no longer cough all the time. I was being treated for a combination of asthma/sinusitis/reflux - treating the symptoms and not the cause. More
  • Sarah Rameka - Panic attacks
    My hyperventilation has been quite a serious problem in my life for about five years, and I can seriously say that I haven’t had a problem with it since I started taking the Buteyko course. It has helped me to control my life so much better now. I used to be limited in the things I participated in, for example sport. I couldn’t play a full game because I was scared that my breathing would get out of control. More
  • Adrienne Atkinson - Asthma, leg ulcer
    I enrolled in Glenn’s Buteyko course to help overcome my asthma, which it most certainly has. However, there has been an additional and quite unexpected benefit. For six and a half months before I started the course I had struggled with a severe leg ulcer caused by an altercation with a tractor clutch pedal. It had become infected three times. I had had four lots of antibiotic and towards the end a weeping and messy ulcer had developed that just would not heal. More
  • Olive, 76 - Better sleep, allergies
    The Buteyko exercises have been a very calming experience for me, enabling me to control my allergies and also to sleep really well. More
  • Elaine Conway, 58 - Hay fever, asthma
    I am a 58 year old female. For years I have suffered rhinitis and hay fever. In 2003 I developed asthma too. Not wanting to take the steroid drugs my GP prescribed I searched for other options. Buteyko Breathing Method was discovered and recommended. I went to a course this year. More
  • Pamela Harland - Hay fever
    After 30 years of hay fever I walked through a grassy field and for the first time without sneezing, itchy runny nose. All this after doing a Buteyko course in August 2006. More
  • Ben Tombs
    The Buteyko course was so successful I can't even remember the problems I had! More
  • Shalem Grantham - Sleep, relaxation
    I was very happy with the course I did in September 2010. With perseverance I have gained valuable knowledge of my own body and have managed to overcome my limitations. My ability to relax is deeper than previously possible when under stress and pressure from my living conditions. More
  • Mel Clark - Anxiety, asthma, improved energy
    Glenn's Buteyko course taught me how much my breathing patterns affect my health, state of mind and energy levels. I'm now able to control my asthma and anxiety, and I'm aware of what triggers them. It's a revelation! More
  • Campbell - Asthma, sinus problems, snoring, sleep apnoea, high blood pressure
    My recommendation to anyone who has respiratory related problems would be to seek help from a breathing specialist ... who can help them recognise a poor breathing pattern and begin a journey of correcting it. More
  • Susan Clow BDS - Enlarged tonsils
    I just wanted to thank you for your help with my daughter’s enlarged tonsils.
    Since Josie was 7 or 8 years old, we have battled with enlarged tonsils (occluding 3/4 of the back of the throat) and a yearly bout of tonsillitis.

    I hesitated in having her tonsils removed but by the age of 16, I had hoped that she would have grown out of it, and I had had enough. It was interfering with everything she did and held her sporting abilities back. More
  • Lorraine Kelly – Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)
    I was diagnosed with IPF, a progressive, fatal lung disease in which the alveoli and the lung tissue are damaged (fibrosis), leading to severe breathing difficulties and compromising oxygen transfer between the lungs and the bloodstream. More
  • Rosie Ingle – Asthma and eczema
    Participating in the Buteyko course has educated me on my symptoms and how to control them. I feel that I now understand what is causing my symptoms as they have greatly lessened during the course. More
  • Jessica Martin – Reduced anxiety
    Yes, definitely would recommend Buteyko to others as it has definitely helped me reduce anxiety. More
  • Blake Cannell, 11 - Poor sleep and chronic fatigue
    Words can’t describe how awesome the results have been in the short time we have been attending the clinic. More
  • Kirsten Elliot - referred by her doctor for help with chronic pain and fatigue
    I would absolutely recommend a Buteyko breathing retraining course to anyone, of any age, especially those with chronic health problems who think hope is lost. More
  • Austin Wi Repa breathing easy
    I highly recommend the Buteyko Breathing Clinic with Glenn White to anyone with breathing disorders. It has literally changed Austin’s life. More
  • Josiah Neville-Hoult
    I have benefitted a lot and don't mouth breathe as much as I use to. I would recommend Buteyko to anyone that has health problems to do with breathing. More
  • Jannene Alexander - Relief from migraine headaches
    I have suffered from migraines for years and would get at least two to three a month. I discovered to my surprise that the migraine headaches must also have been a symptom of my breathing because I haven’t had a migraine since doing the course... More
  • Mareea - Child with enlarged adenoids
    A friend told us about the Buteyko programme and we decided to give it a try. Within days our daughter was able to breathe through her nose. More

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