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Information for Health Professionals

This section contains information from medical journals and articles for healthcare professionals on breathing retraining. The page is updated as new information becomes available.


Ultimately, medicine has a single aim: to relieve human suffering. When measured against this benchmark, different therapies can be seen as either effective or ineffective rather than 'orthodox' or 'unorthodox'. No single professional group has ownership of health, and the best healthcare requires a multidisciplinary approach. Thus there is an imperative for all healthcare professionals to work together for the benefit of their patients and the wider community.

Professor Marc Cohen
Professor Marc Cohen   

MBBS(Hons), PhD, BMed Sci(Hons), FAMAC 

Summary of published Buteyko trials 1998 to date

Clinical Trials section

Asthma Fact and Contact Sheet [pdf]

Medical / healthcare practices: We are happy to mail out copies of our brochures for your patients free of charge. Please contact us to arrange delivery. In the meantime, please feel free to download our brochures here:

Do you suffer from asthma or allergies? [pdf]

Do you snore or suffer from sleep apnoea? [pdf]


If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.
Andrew Weil, M.D.

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