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Beta Agonists and Asthma

A 2004 meta-analysis of Long-Acting Beta Agonists (LABA) concluded that they were shown to increase severe and life-threatening asthma exacerbations as well as asthma-related deaths. [i]

Long-acting beta agonists; Salmeterol and Formoterol are sold in New Zealand as Serevent and Oxis or in combination with inhaled corticosteroids as Symbicort, Seretide and Vannair.

A previous meta-analysis of beta agonists concluded that regular beta agonist use for at least one week resulted in tolerance to their effects and poorer disease control compared to placebo.[ii] Regular use of beta agonist increased airway inflammation and increased asthma exacerbations. [iii] 

The meta-analysis commented on the development of receptor desensitisation and down-regulation along with rebound bronchoconstriction after sudden withdrawal of beta agonists. It was concluded that “to date no randomised trials (of beta agonists in asthma) have demonstrated a reduction in disease progression or in mortality.” [i]

The same meta-analysis observed that if a study were funded or sponsored by a pharmaceutical company it was more likely to conclude that beta-agonists were helpful (73%) whereas only 10% of studies not declaring such support concluded that beta agonists were helpful. [i]


Doctors at Gisborne hospital, Bruce Duncan and Patrick McHugh, have authored two Buteyko studies.   Based on the success of these and other studies they recommend non-pharmacological approaches to asthma management such as Buteyko need to be considered if we are to reduce the mortality and morbidity resulting from beta agonist use.  [iv] [v] [vi] [vii] [viii]  [ix] [x] [xi] [xii]

Buteyko Breathing Clinic practitioners' advice regarding medication use is consistent with the advice of the New Zealand Guidelines Group: to use beta agonists only when necessary with early use of inhaled (and/or oral) corticosteroids.

Follow these links to discussions on beta agonists and asthma taken from the NZMJ:

Long-acting beta agonists—prescribe with care  Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 07-July-2006, Vol 119
Julian Crane, Professor, Department of Medicine, Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Wellington

Beta agonists and asthma Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 13-October-2006, Vol 119 No 1243
Patrick McHugh, Clinical Director, Emergency Department, Gisborne Hospital, Gisborne
Bruce Duncan, Public Health Physician, Tairawhiti District Health, Gisborne

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