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Spring News 2019

Buteyko Breathing Courses

In this issue...

  • Update from Glenn 
  • Wellington Seminar and course 
  • Asthma update 
  • Booster sessions
  • Upcoming courses

Glenn White

This is my first update in a few years and as the adage goes: no news is good news, at least in this case. Since my last update I have delivered breathing programmes in Australia, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore in addition to regular courses in Auckland. 

After a three-year absence we will be offering a seminar and course in Wellington the week of 21 October. This is in collaboration with Asthma New Zealand and I am excited to report that as of 2019 I am one of Asthma New Zealand’s ambassadors. 

As our clinic clicks past the 18-year mark, I am increasingly seeing the value in an annual breathing WOF for our clients. We now incorporate capnometry, a new and exciting bio-feedback tool, as part of our breathing assessments. 

A big thank-you to all our clients and health professionals that continue to help make our work so rewarding. Thank you also for all the great feedback, it means a lot to us. Please keep it coming. 

Best wishes from Glenn and the team at Buteyko Breathing Clinics

Wellington Seminar and Course, 21 October

I am presenting a seminar in collaboration with Asthma New Zealand, in Wellington.

In this seminar you will learn: 

  • How to alleviate disorders such as asthma, hay fever, snoring, sleep apnoea, anxiety/panic attacks and stress 
  • Techniques and guidelines to start getting immediate relief from breathing-related symptoms 

Attendees receive a Breathing Basics guide.

Seminar Date: Monday, 21 October 2019 

Time: 6:00pm–7:30pm 

Venue:  Asthma Wellington, Level 1, Salvation Army Building, 125 Johnsonville Rd, Johnsonville 6037 

Seminar fee:  $25 All proceeds will go to Asthma New Zealand 

CPD points for health professionals

Asthma NZ logo

A Buteyko Breathing Course will be held Tuesday 22 October to Friday 25 October 6:00 -7:30 pm at the same venue

Click here for further details and booking »

Asthma Update

I am saddened to report that three young New Zealanders have died in the last 3 months from asthma, including ten-year-old Javier Aninion who you may see remembered on the cover of The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation’s Spring Newsletter.

  • New Zealand has the second-highest rate of asthma deaths for 5–35-year olds in high income countries 
  • 77 people died from asthma in 2018
  • 1 in 7 New Zealand children are affected by asthma
  • Maori and Pacific and low-income families are more likely to be hospitalised for asthma 
  • Asthma alone costs NZ$1.018 billion every year

It is not a case of what are we doing wrong, rather a case of what are we not doing. Yes, better access and compliance to preventer medication and dry homes will help improve these dreadful statistics. But advocating more potent medications, as suggested by a recent study,  is not a game-changer and ignores the elephant in the room. 

Self-management, including the Buteyko breathing programme that we run at  Buteyko Breathing Clinics can be a game changer in reducing New Zealand’s appalling asthma statistics. Significant reductions in asthma symptoms and need for medication have been demonstrated in more than 12 published studies

And these results are achieved every week in our clinic. Read some of the feedback from our clients

To that end, I have recently taken on the role as one of Asthma New Zealand’s ambassadors. Katheren Leitner, their new CE, believes youth will play a significant role in turning around some of the very grim statistics they are currently faced with. New Zealand is leading in so many of the wrong categories: asthma mortality, youth suicide, domestic violence. Health literacy must be a priority for our young people. Without it poverty is at its highest. 

Katheren, the other ambassadors, my fellow practitioners and I have many projects on the go to reduce these statistics. I will report some of these in my next update. If you or someone you know has asthma, then contact our clinic to find out how we can help. You might just save a life.

Katheren Leitner, Asthma New Zealand CE

Katheren Leitner, Asthma New Zealand CE, with Raise Up Youth group delivering asthma education.

Booster sessions and capnometry

As our clinic clicks past the 18-year mark, I am increasingly seeing the value in an annual breathing WOF for our clients. We now incorporate capnometry , a new and exciting bio-feedback tool, as part of our breathing assessments.
Contact us for your annual checkup.

Upcoming courses

A schedule of upcoming courses is available on our website. Alternatively, you can phone our clinic to request an initial private consultation. No referral necessary.


Relearning how to breathe in a way that supports outstanding health can be game-changing for great digestion, hormonal balance and restorative sleep, as well as the function of the respiratory system. And Glenn is a wonderful coach whose techniques and experience can make a huge difference.

Dr Libby

Author and speaker, Dr Libby Weaver is one of Australasia's leading nutritional biochemists.

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