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Hay Fever - A Natural Remedy

Hay Fever CartoonMost of us are familiar with the standard treatments for hay fever, sinusitis and rhinitis; antihistamines and inhaled steroids. But how many are aware that Buteyko offers a simple and effective alternative to medication that can free those suffering from these symptoms?

Professor K P Buteyko postulated that over-breathing (hyperventilation) causes the symptoms of hay fever by disrupting the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in our airways. When we over-breathe we also dehydrate the delicate mucous membranes and inhale excessive quantities of allergens like pollen, cat dander and house dust mite. These factors can combine to trigger inflammation, mucous and symptoms such as blocked or runny nose.

We have a simple breathing test to determine how much you are breathing. It surprises many of our clients to discover they are actually breathing 2-3 times the medical norm. And if you are breathing enough for 2-3 people then it follows that you are potentially inhaling 2-3 times more air-borne irritants like grass pollens, mould spores, cat dander, dust and airborne germs.  

The main component of a Buteyko course is easy-to-learn breathing exercises designed to slow the breathing rate and volume back to normal parameters. The breathing exercises are taught over four to five consecutive 90-minute sessions.

Many of our clients experience improvements right from the first session. Blocked noses clear and breathing becomes easier. The exercises are practised for  six weeks for optimal results.

As sinus and hay fever symptoms reduce, there may be less need for symptomatic medications such as antihistamines and nasal steroids. We instruct our clients not to make any changes to prescription medication without first consulting their prescribing health practitioner.

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Feedback from health professionals and our clients on how Buteyko has helped hay fever and allergies speaks for itself:

I highly recommend the Buteyko Course. It is very useful for asthma but also chronic hay fever and snoring and has a role to play in the management of anxiety.
Mimi Irwin MBCHB, FRNZCGP, Dip Obs, D 
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I have seen people with chronic lung disease, hay fever, snoring, insomnia, anxiety and stress report significant benefits. I would recommend anyone with ongoing health issues, or those wanting to maintain good health, consider doing the Buteyko breathing training.
Dr Nicky Baillie MBChB, FRNZCGP, MNZAMH  
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After 30 years of hay fever I walked through a grassy field and for the first time without sneezing, itchy runny nose. All this after doing a Buteyko course in August 2006.
Pamela Harland

For years I suffered from rhinitis and hay fever. In 2003 I developed asthma too.  Since learning the Buteyko Method …. my symptoms have disappeared and I am feeling very much better. The horrible constant build-up of phlegm in my throat which caused me to clear my throat constantly and cough has stopped! As has a funny little constant cough I had for 4 or 5 years. My frequent sneezing attacks have become very rare. …..I highly recommend the Buteyko Breathing course.
Elaine Conway  
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