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We are now offering consultations and courses at our Auckland clinic. Online consultations are available for those unable to attend the clinic. Please phone or email our clinic to arrange a time, or book online.

Buteyko Group Courses

 Relief from SNORING, SLEEP APNOEA and ASTHMA ♦ Reduce STRESS ♦ Save your TEETH ♦ Improve ENERGY levels, HEALTH and FITNESS 
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Anxiety and stress

Buteyko Breathing group courses are for anyone who wants to:

  • Relieve snoring, sleep apnoea or insomnia
  • Control asthma naturally
  • Alleviate suffering from allergies, hay fever or blocked nose
  • Learn breathing techniques to de-stress and overcome anxiety/panic attacks
  • Practise correct breathing for Yoga, Pilates, all sports and fitness training

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Buteyko Breathing Course Details

  • For adults and school-age children
  • Six-week programme
  • Includes 5 x 90 mins (adults) or 5 x 60 mins (children) in group sessions
  • Follow-up session at six weeks from commencement
  • Telephone and one-on-one support if required for six weeks
  • Communication with clients' GPs and physicians if requested
  • CO2 and O2 measurements support the progress
  • Background material provided
  • Fee $695 including GST for the group programme (or early bird $650 if paid in full two weeks in advance)
  • Follow-up distance learning available via Skype

A Buteyko breathing course consists of four 60-90 minute sessions in the first week of the programme and two or more follow-up sessions. Individualised breathing exercises and lifestyle guidelines focus on nasal breathing, correct use of the breathing muscles, and achieving a normal breathing rate, rhythm and volume. You will learn the correct way to breathe for everyday activities; everything from working at your computer to physical exercise. And for teachers, public speakers and anyone who does a lot of speaking in their work, a better way to breathe when talking for extended periods that won’t leave you tired and dehydrated at the end of every work day. We also provide science-based dietary advice that cuts through some of the misinformation around good food choices and fits with the goal of better health through restoring a natural breathing pattern.

What you can expect: A significant reduction in symptoms within the first sessions. Benefits include improved sleep, increased energy levels, enhanced fitness/sport performance and less susceptibility to colds and flu. The breathing exercises are practised daily for six weeks for optimal results. After that time it is usually possible to stop the daily practice although life-long awareness of the concepts is recommended.

Group courses

Courses are held in small groups (generally 6-12). The programme includes four initial 90-minute sessions (60-minute sessions for school holiday courses) and two follow-up sessions. We offer telephone/Skype support and additional private sessions if needed for six weeks from course commencement.

Course fee: $695, or early bird $650 if paid in full two weeks in advance. Discount for families and time payment options are available.

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Private tuition

The programme can also be learned in private consultations if preferred.

To book a place on a course or for more information:
Phone 09 360 6291

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