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Asthma and Buteyko Testimonials

Feedback on this page is from clients whose asthma has been helped by the Buteyko breathing technique.

Dylan was referred to my clinic by his doctor in November 2017 when he was eight years old. At that time his nose was frequently blocked, he suffered from asthma, hay fever and was also snoring, grinding his teeth and sleeping badly. Dylan’s adenoids were inflamed, and surgery had been recommended. He was taking a Flixotide asthma inhaler, Univent and Flixonase steroid nasal spray, at times, prior to enrolling on a Buteyko course. In this short video Dylan’s mother Kirsty explains how he can now breathe comfortably through his nose, is sleeping through the night and has not experienced symptoms of asthma or hay fever since completing the Buteyko course.

Paul explains how he has overcome a lifetime of asthma and hay fever. He is sleeping great and no longer keeping his wife up with his snoring. He was referred by his fitness trainer for help with exercise asthma. He would need to use his blue puffer before and during every session. He says that now he doesn’t even know where it is.

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  • Brooke Campbell
    This program has changed my life! Totally recommend 100% Goodbye asthma :) More
  • Tariana Turia’s technique for beating asthma
    Former Co-Leader of the Maori party, Tariana Turia, overcame her asthma and need for medication after enrolling in a Buteyko course in 2004. Prior to that time, for 12 years she never went anywhere without her brown and blue inhalers. She said that her experience demonstrated how people can have “rangatiratanga” over their health. More
  • Oliver Vannoort (aged 10)
    Buteyko breathing has helped me so much...... I hardly ever get a tight chest now but if it does happen I stop, slow down my breathing like I was taught by Glenn and then I carry on running. I don't take Ventolin anymore. More
  • Adrienne Atkinson
    I am a very active 67 year old, and over the years have managed my asthma as best I could but have found my really low peak flow and breathing capacity a decided hindrance to my quality of life. More
  • Jackie Thomson BHSc (Nsg) RGON
    I wish I was aware of the Buteyko Breathing programme when the children were young. They were all hospitalised with asthma when Ventolin syrup was the only option. More
  • Amanda Gillings (Mother of Emma)
    My daughter, Emma, aged 14 years has completed the Buteyko course with Glenn. For the past 4 years Emma has been taking Flixotide after being diagnosed with Asthma and using a Ventolin inhaler. Since completing the Buteyko course, Emma has not needed to use her Ventolin at all when in the past, at this time of year, change of seasons with pollen etc, she has been a regular user. More
  • Alan Hughes
    Breathing retraining has transformed my health.

    The symptoms of asthma are gone and I no longer need to use inhalers.

    The sleep apnoea and snoring is much reduced.

    I've experienced other improvements in aspects of health which I attribute to being able to change my whole style of breathing.

    I would heartily recommend the Buteyko Course, as taught by Glenn, to anyone wanting a change from chronic asthma, dependence on inhalers, and fatigue resulting from poor sleep. More
  • Penny, 43
    My name is Penny, I'm 43 and I'm a Mum, wife and a primary school teacher in Auckland, NZ. In February 2006 I attended a Buteyko course, together with my two children Anneka (now 14) and Simon (now 17.) Anneka had had a history bronchial problems and been an asthma sufferer since the age of 2. My son Simon often suffered sinusitis. Like my children when I caught colds and the flu, I would suffer from asthma and bronchitis symtoms for weeks after. More
  • D.L. (Auckland)
    BEFORE BUTEYKO: I have suffered from Asthma since I was a child and have been hospitalised several times. Before the course, I was using my Bricanyl inhaler 3 times a day, and my doctor recommended I change to a stronger drug, which I didn't feel good about. I was also struggling with allergies, frequently using Flixonase and tried several other over the counter meds to try and cure it. More
  • Rahul, High School Student
    Hi Glenn,
    First of all, thank you so much for helping me gain more control over my asthma through Buteyko. More
  • William, 10
    I am looking forward to the cross country next year because, thanks to my new Buteyko breathing technique I will be able to finish the race. More
  • Russell Eastwood (A thankful father of 4 Buteyko breathers)
    We first took Daniel to see Glenn from Buteyko Breathing in July 2008. Daniel, our 9 year old, son was taking Seretide 100/50 morning and night and Ventolin as required. In 2007 he had been hospitalized twice with his asthma.
    The breathing techniques, knowledge and the understanding that Glenn shared with all our children has given us what we would consider some of the most significant help a parent could ever ask for. More
  • Jannene Alexander
    I have been an asthmatic since the age of thirty. I was probably also asthmatic as a child but it was treated then as a chronic coughs. I made the decision 18 months ago to get fit and compete in the Sovereign Series Swim across Auckland Harbour. I made the crossing and am now hooked on swimming. However, the increased training caused my asthma to deteriorate... More
  • Glenn White (his story)
    Registered Buteyko Institute practitioner, Glenn White was himself a 'lifelong' asthma sufferer. He tells a story that people with asthma and their families will relate to. They know that living with asthma is often debilitating and frightening... More
  • Lucian Jones, 16
    Before going to see Glenn I had reasonably bad Asthma, I would have to take my Ventolin at least 4-5 times a week. But after the course I feel great and barely ever take my Ventolin. My Asthma is practically gone. More
  • Keith Goddard, 56
    I expected drugs to control my asthma. They did for a long while but I became bewildered by their increasing lack of efficacy. By way of contrast, I did not really expect Buteyko to work, but tried it because I was running out of conventional (drug) options. More
  • Kevin Dyresen, 65
    I suffered from chronic asthma from the age of two (I’m now sixty five) and a few years ago I was diagnosed with moderate to severe COPD. In short I was in a bad way and unable to move about freely. More
  • Patrice, 50s
    I participated in a Buteyko course with Glenn White in November 2004 and haven’t had an asthma attack since. Prior to participating in the course I was a seriously unstable asthmatic with constant exacerbations. Asthma was interfering with my life in a major way and I was concerned about the effects of the high dose steroids I was taking on my potential for osteoporosis and cataracts. More
  • Joe, 19
    If there is one thing in my life that I have always wished for, it is that somehow my asthma would go away or be cured. I have always been a chronic asthmatic, and have suffered from numerous attacks and even visits to hospital. My whole life I have been pumping drugs into my system to try and suppress the asthma. More
  • Chris Harvey, 17
    I have to use my blue turbuhaler at least twice a day, a hit in the morning, and another just before I walk into Les Mills Gym. After my 10 minute run on the treadmill I have to go 'cool down', so to other words, stand against the stretching bar and grab my breath for 5 minutes, so that I can continue my torturous regime of trying to get fit....with asthma. More
  • Kristen (Mother of Ben, 10)
    Our son Ben has suffered for a long time from severe asthma and other bronchial conditions which not only prevented him participating in sport but also greatly affected his quality of life. At times, even climbing a flight of stairs was enough to bring on an attack. More
  • Edward Johnson, 45
    I came to Buteyko after a bad winter with my health. My breathing was laboured, I was increasing asthma treatment, I was not sleeping and I was also needing cholesterol treatment. More
  • Mary Duder
    I did the Buteyko breathing course for my asthma and have had great results. Despite getting the flu with a chest infection this winter I did not get asthma and believe this is due to Buteyko. I feel relaxed after doing the breathing exercises and tension flows out of me. More
  • Viv Smith, Nelson
    Glenn is a wonderful teacher and he and Buteyko have turned my life around. I've suffered from asthma since I was a child, (though was only diagnosed as an adult), having spent years coughing and wheezing. More
  • Maria (Mother of Cara)
    It has been nearly two years since Cara completed a Buteyko correction breathing course. She is now symptom free, uses NO medication, and has not had an asthma attack for one year. She is just about to start her second year of netball competitions and works out three times a week (for one hour) at Kung Fu. More
  • Fraser White, 30
    I am thirty years old and have had asthma all of my life. I am usually an optimistic person, but I have never really looked forward to a long life, because I was sure that one day I would be unable to breathe, and slip quietly away, to become just another statistic. More
  • Vanessa Fleming (Mother of Jayden)
    After three very bad winters with constant chest infections, persistent coughs and the dreaded runny nose, our new G.P referred Jayden to Buteyko Breath Correction. Jayden had been on progressively higher doses of preventative asthma medications and Ventolin each winter and stayed on a reduced dose in the summer as well. He was never completely well and was limited by his health in his sport. More
  • Robyn, 68
    Buteyko has made such a difference in my life. My asthma has gone and I do not need to use puffers or Nebuliser. I sleep well ( no coughing, dry mouth, and getting drinks of water every few hours and am now able to have walks and exercise and I feel years younger! A big thank you. More
  • James, 44
    My asthma is very much under control. I have played several games of rugby and feel great. My heart rate is now down to between 60 to 72, much better than the 92 I recorded when we first met. More
  • Gillian (Mother of Kent, 9)
    I am just so delighted to have Kent drug free and would strongly encourage others with asthma to consider giving Buteyko a go. Thank you Glenn! More
  • Steve, 54
    I found your instruction extremely enjoyable and cannot believe the improvements I have made in one week. Being impatient I was concerned I wouldn't stick it out, but not so.
    Another small success, my pulse has dropped to 72 from an old low of 76. I would be happy to act as a reference for you at any time. Thanks so much for sticking with me. More
  • Raphael (Mother of Luke, 8)
    Luke is off all his asthma medication now and I no longer worry about him because I know he can control his symptoms. More
  • Silvana and Eduardo Sanchez (parents of Tomás)
    When Tomás was at Starship Hospital for the second time in a month in August 2005 we were really concerned that we were running out of options to treat his asthma. We were lucky to get the advice from a hospital emergency doctor that we should enrol him in a Buteyko breathing course. More
  • Kirsten ( Mother of Joe)
    From just over a year old, my son Joseph was a serious asthmatic. I feel I kept him alive for the first few years on the nebuliser, and I was constantly feeding him drugs which made him shaky and over-active. When admitted to hospital he was given even more drugs. More

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