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William, 10

William, 10

Since I was a baby I had asthma. My asthma meant that I could not laugh properly, I could not do sports properly, I could not run without having a hyperventilation attack. I often had to use Ventolin. My mother thought, as with a lot of medications, the more I used my asthma puffers, the more I was becoming dependent on them.

She began to research other ways of preventing and curing asthma and came across a breathing technique called Buteyko Method. We started going to Buteyko Breathing Clinic in May this year. There I was taught how to breathe properly and learned breathing exercises which I do now for a couple of minutes every day. Since beginning Buteyko Method I have not had to use my puffer once – even through it's winter which is when my asthma is usually bad. I can now run, laugh and do sports without having breathing problems  or getting asthma attacks.

This year, before I started my breathing class I was really disappointed because I had an asthma attack during my school cross country. I am looking forward to the cross country next year because, thanks to my new Buteyko breathing technique I will be able to finish the race.

William (10)

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