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Medical Professionals' Feedback

Below are some endorsements from healthcare professionals.  We would welcome your comments by email.

  • Dr Libby Weaver
    Relearning how to breathe in a way that supports outstanding health can be game-changing for great digestion, hormonal balance and restorative sleep, as well as the function of the respiratory system. And Glenn is a wonderful coach whose techniques and experience can make a huge difference. More
  • Dr Frances Pitsilis MB.BS (Mon.) Dip. Obst., Dip. Occup.Med, MACNEM, FAARM, ABAAEM, FRNZCGP
    Glenn White’s Buteyko clinic has been the source of excellent results for my patients. I like that he has a course that they can go on which helps to correct the ingrained habit of poor breathing. I am very happy with his treatments. More
  • Graeme F Washer MBChB, FRACS
    As a General Practitioner for twenty five years I have often been dissatisfied with the disease control and quality of life achieved by my asthmatic patients. The common thread despite their use of medication correctly has been poor perception and attitude towards their illness, often with fear of loss of control... More
  • Leila Masson, Paediatrician, Lactation Consultant
    I highly recommend Buteyko breathing training to anyone with asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring or anxiety. More
  • Anne O'Reilly MBChB FRNZCGP
    Having heard remarkable reports from my patients who did the Buteyko course, my son and I tried it out. I learned how to eliminate a migraine headache and my son's asthma, made worse by cold and exercise was noticeably better just by doing the exercises. More
  • Helen Smith MBBS, FRNZCGP
    Glenn is an excellent teacher. I had the pleasure of attending one of his free introductory evening seminars. I could see how the principles of Buteyko could work. As a consequence I started to send asthma patients to see Glenn for help with their breathing techniques. Once I understood the physiology it made sense to work on the breathing. More
  • Graeme Kidd MBChB, FRNZCGP, Howick
    Glenn has helped many of my patients and empowered them to move beyond their asthma. With his Buteyko techniques they have been able to reduce inhaler use significantly. He has been particularly successful with children – they love Glenn's enthusiastic style. I have no hesitation in recommending Glenn and his techniques to patients. More
  • Mimi Irwin MBCHB, FRNZCGP, Dip Obs, D MF Homeopathy London
    I work in General Practice and the knowledge that I gained from Glenn’s course has been invaluable to my understanding of some the health problems presenting in the people I see. I cannot imagine practising medicine without the understanding I now have of the impact of faulty breathing on health... More
  • Dr Nicky Baillie MBChB, FRNZCGP, MNZAMH, Dip. Int. Psych (Hakomi)
    I am highly impressed by the Buteyko breathing training offered by Glenn White in Auckland. I have referred many patients to this course now who have noticed marked improvements in their health. More
  • John Appleton, Health Researcher and Director of Appleton Associates
    I met Glenn at a Mind-Body conference in 2004. At the time I knew very little about Buteyko so I made a point of checking it out which saw me attending an introductory seminar at Glenn’s Ponsonby Clinic. I don’t have asthma and I hadn’t ever been aware of how I was breathing, but following advice given at the seminar, I was amazed at how much easier it was for me to exercise if I breathed through my nose instead of my mouth. More
  • Well-known naturopath and writer Eric Bakker says Buteyko should be mandatory
    Today, medicine is in dire need of Buteyko more than ever, particularly when one fully understands the powerful link between stress and breathing... If you are a health care professional reading this, consider referring your patients to Glenn and expect excellent feedback from grateful patients. Read on More
  • Dr Vijay Murthy, B.Ayu Med & Surgery, M.Surgery, B.Nat, MPH
    Thank you Glenn for teaching me this essential life skill. I would highly recommend Buteyko as most people trigger stress response by incorrect breathing. Buteyko can re-align our neuro-hormonal response to function at its best. By learning Buteyko breathing techniques we can expect to live a healthier life as well as preventing stress related chronic illness. More
  • Valemma Wright ND
    I invited Glenn White to run a Buteyko breathing clinic at my practice in 2004. I witnessed impressive results. From the very first sessions noses cleared, asthma symptoms improved and people reported improved sleep and a sense of well-being from the breathing exercises. I have no hesitation in recommending Glenn’s programme for the treatment of asthma, hay-fever, snoring, sleep apnoea and help in relieving stress and improved sleep. More
  • Susan Clow BDS – Enlarged Tonsils
    Susan Clow BDS runs the Dentist Pukekohe and credits the Buteyko course with resolving her daughter's enlarged tonsils of nine years. She was so impressed that she now offers Buteyko courses at her dental practice. More
  • Jackson Perry CEO, Centre for Advanced Medicine Ltd
    Based on medical and scientific review within our clinic, and experiences of breathing courses provided by Buteyko Breathing Clinics, the Centre for Advanced Medicine Limited is happy to refer our clients with breathing related conditions to your programme... More
  • Dr David Nicholls, AUT University
    Read Dr David Nicholls' thank-you letter for Glenn White's session on 'Breathing Retraining and the Buteyko Institute Method'. More
  • Philip Dowling  BA Hons, BHSc, MA, ND,  Head of Naturopathy, Wellpark College
    I have asked Glenn to speak at Wellpark College many times over the past seven years, and have always found his talks to be well structured, informative, and inspirational. Our students always give the most positive feedback every time Glenn has lectured. I have known several people who have completed Glenn’s Buteyko course, and it has been of enormous benefit to each of them. More
  • Jackie Thomson BHSc (Nsg) RGON
    I wish I was aware of the Buteyko Breathing programme when the children were young. They were all hospitalised with asthma when Ventolin syrup was the only option. More
  • Abby Soares, Registered Nurse | Nutritionist | Health Coach
    I am a HUGE fan of Buteyko Breathing Clinics. Learning to breathe correctly can eliminate so many health issues.....asthma, anxiety, ADHD, sinusitis, snoring, recurrent colds and being overweight just to name a few. More
  • Dr Joseph Mercola
    The Buteyko Breathing Method is a powerful set of health-care guidelines and methodology for reversing over-breathing or hyperventilation. I incorporate the breathing exercises into my therapy. More
  • Jim Bartley, Otolaryngologist
    …people practising Buteyko are able to decrease their asthma medication, not deteriorate significantly and maintain objective measures of lung function. More
  • Drs Patrick McHugh & Bruce Duncan
    While the mechanism of effect of the Buteyko breathing technique (BBT) may not be accepted, or even thoroughly understood, it offers levels of impact that, if produced by a drug, would be adopted widely... More
  • Drs Patrick McHugh & Bruce Duncan, Gisborne Hospital
    All published studies on the Buteyko breathing technique, including one which we performed in Gisborne, have shown positive results. Reductions of reliever medications averaged 85 to 95 per cent and reductions in preventer medication 40 to 50 per cent. More
  • Dr Jill McGowan, Nurse educator Glasgow, Scotland
    The Buteyko Institute Method will be key in reducing patients' reliance on their inhalers and helping people manage their asthma with significantly less medication and feeling more in control of their condition. More
  • Dr John Harvey, Chair of the British Thoracic Society communications committee
    As lung specialists we know from clinical experience that even spending a small amount of time teaching patients how to manage their condition and control their breathing appropriately can reduce both the number of asthma attacks and improve their quality of life. More
  • Dr Paul Ameisen MBBS, ND, DipAc, FACNEM
    My book, "Every Breath You Take", was the result of six years of research into the Buteyko Method and the results it has achieved for asthma sufferers. The results are astonishing and suggest a direct link between our breathing patterns and our level of health. More
  • Buteyko endorsed by British Guideline on the Management of Asthma
    The British Guideline on the Management of Asthma 2008 grants permission for British health professionals to recommend Buteyko, stating that the method "may be considered to help patients control the symptoms of asthma". The guideline also grades clinical research on Buteyko with a 'B' classification - indicating that high-quality supporting clinical trials are available. More
  • Jim Bartley BHB, MB, ChB, FRACS, FFPMANZCA
    Hyperventilation syndrome (HVS) should be included in the differential diagnosis of patients presenting with nasal congestion, particularly after failed nasal surgery. More
  • Ross Walker, Cardiologist, F.R.A.C.P.
    The most viable natural therapy for asthma is The Buteyko Breathing Technique taught by a trained practitioner. More

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