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Susan Clow BDS – Enlarged Tonsils

Susan Clow BDS – Enlarged Tonsils

Susan Clow BDS runs the Dentist Pukekohe and credits the Buteyko course with resolving her daughter's enlarged tonsils of nine years. She was so impressed that she now offers Buteyko courses at her dental practice.

Hi Glenn,

I just wanted to thank you for your help with my daughter’s enlarged tonsils.
Since Josie was 7 or 8 years old, we have battled with enlarged tonsils (occluding 3/4 of the back of the throat) and a yearly bout of tonsillitis.

I hesitated in having her tonsils removed but by the age of 16, I had hoped that she would have grown out of it, and I had had enough. It was interfering with everything she did and held her sporting abilities back. I met Glenn at a Dental course and discussed her problem with him.

Josie attended the Buteyko breathing course and within one month, her tonsils were down to their normal size. Her continual stuffy nose has cleared and her sporting abilities have improved respectively.

Thanks Glenn for all your help.

Susan Clow BDS (Otago) with credit
The Dentist Pukekohe
166 King Street, Pukekohe
(09) 238 4619


Tricia Enrique-Gault completed her practitioner training at the Buteyko clinic  and now offers Buteyko courses at The Dentist Pukekohe.


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