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We are now offering consultations and courses at our Auckland clinic. Online consultations are available for those unable to attend the clinic. Please phone or email our clinic to arrange a time, or book online.

Hay Fever, Sinus & Allergies Feedback

  • Susan Allen Yoga instructor overcomes a lifetime of hay fever
    I had been a lifetime sufferer of hay fever and nasal congestion. If you’ve ever had this yourself you will know how debilitating, uncomfortable and frustrating it is. More
  • Phil Kitchen - Sinus problems
    My nose is now clear, snoring has decreased by 80-90% and both my partner and I get a great night’s sleep. ... I have spoken to a few people about the course and will be encouraging them to take a serious look at how they can benefit from it. More
  • Yvonne Wilkie, 69 - Asthma/sinusitis/reflux
    I undertook a Buteyko course run by Glenn White in May 2007. The change in my life has been dramatic with friends commenting on the fact that I no longer cough all the time. I was being treated for a combination of asthma/sinusitis/reflux - treating More
  • Elaine Conway, 58 - Hay fever, asthma
    I am a 58 year old female. For years I have suffered rhinitis and hay fever. In 2003 I developed asthma too. Not wanting to take the steroid drugs my GP prescribed I searched for other options. Buteyko Breathing Method was discovered and recommended. More
  • Pamela Harland - Hay fever
    After 30 years of hay fever I walked through a grassy field and for the first time without sneezing, itchy runny nose. All this after doing a Buteyko course in August 2006. More
  • Campbell - Asthma, sinus problems, snoring, sleep apnoea, high blood pressure
    My recommendation to anyone who has respiratory related problems would be to seek help from a breathing specialist ... who can help them recognise a poor breathing pattern and begin a journey of correcting it. More

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