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Elaine Conway, 58 - Hay fever, asthma

Elaine Conway, 58 - Hay fever, asthma

I am a 58 year old female.  For years I have suffered rhinitis and hay fever. In 2003 I developed asthma too.   Not wanting to take the steroid drugs my GP prescribed I searched for other options.  Buteyko Breathing Method was discovered and recommended. I went to a course this year.

Since learning the Buteyko Method of breathing through my nose many of my symptoms have disappeared and I am feeling very much better. I no longer hyper-ventilate. I now sleep easily, deeply and restfully every night, not having to get up at 3am for the loo. I wake fully refreshed and wanting to get on with the day.  My sleep is fabulous and I look forward to going to bed to enjoy it!!!  No longer constantly tired.

The horrible constant build up of phlegm in my throat which caused me then to clear my throat constantly and cough has stopped! As has a funny little constant cough I had for 4 or 5 years. My frequent sneezing attacks have become very rare – usually now only with sudden temperature change – and I now know how to cut the bout shorter.

I have learned a lot about how my body works and what the triggers for my intolerances are, so I can now manage how my body reacts and how I will feel.  I never have any wheezing or asthma even during exercise, although I still take a daily puff of Flixotide which the GP still recommends. No Serevent or Ventolin.

I highly recommend the Buteyko Breathing course.

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