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Well-known naturopath and writer Eric Bakker says Buteyko should be mandatory

Well-known naturopath and writer Eric Bakker says Buteyko should be mandatory

I have known Glenn for several years, and know patients who have been under his care as well who speak highly of his professional, pleasant and engaging manner. We are most fortunate to have the calibre of Glenn White in New Zealand to bring awareness to quite possible what I believe is the most overlooked of all areas of health and healing - correct breathing.

On a personal level, the Buteyko method has changed my life significantly for the better, and no doubt the lives of many patients who have been fortunate enough to have been referred to Glenn's clinic. Today, medicine is in dire need of Buteyko more than ever, particularly when one fully understands the powerful link between stress and breathing. If you are a patient reading this, consider Buteyko for any issue surrounding your breathing such as yawning, sniffing, coughing, anxiety, snoring, asthma, high blood pressure, and a host of other conditions related to over-breathing. If you are a health care professional reading this, consider referring your patients to Glenn and expect excellent feedback from grateful patients. We urgently need Glenn cloned so that we can Buteyko experts in Wellington, Christchurch and many other areas of NZ.

Eric Bakker ND 
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