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Vanessa Fleming (Mother of Jayden)

Vanessa Fleming (Mother of Jayden)

Jayden age 12Left: Jayden age 6 (2006); Right: Jayden age 12 with sister Bailey and mother Vanessa in 2012, still asthma free and drug free.

After three very bad winters with constant chest infections, persistent coughs and the dreaded runny nose, our new G.P referred Jayden to Buteyko Breath Correction. Jayden had been on progressively higher doses of preventative asthma medications and Ventolin each winter and stayed on a reduced dose in the summer as well. He was never completely well and was limited by his health in his sport.

At age six and a half he attended the Buteyko course and his health changed very quickly. He stopped requiring Ventolin within weeks, and gained a confidence in his ability to control his breathing even when playing soccer on very cold mornings.

The Breathing habits Jayden formed during the course are with him for life. At seven and a half he requires no prompting to use the techniques he learnt. I often see him concentrating for a few minutes, and then going on with his very active play, after he has controlled his breathing.  He does this because he knows it works.  He has even been overheard teaching a friend to breathe with his mouth closed.

He is now completely off all asthma medications, half way through the soccer season, with no sign of slowing down.  It is so nice to have a healthy child!

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