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Edward Johnson, 45

Edward Johnson, 45

I came to Buteyko after a bad winter with my health. My breathing was laboured, I was increasing asthma treatment, I was not sleeping and I was also needing cholesterol treatment.

Since learning and practising Buteyko breathing I have observed and experienced the following:
My asthma has subsided and I have stopped Ventolin use. Even after being advised by my doctor and Glenn to continue with Flixotide I have chosen to stop this also due to the wish to avoid drugs and because I feel stronger and in control.

My routine lung function test shows a steady increase in my ability to achieve better or higher volume threshold.

I am able to routinely test myself for environmentally effects my breathing. I travel extensively to high air pollution cities due to work commitments.  I do carry in case of emergency Flixotide and Ventolin.  But have not had to use them as I am able to recognise pending asthma attacks and self monitor and treat. All easy breathing exercises that can be done anywhere.

I have gone quite a while without flu or cold and after travel; seem able to recover very quickly unlike 2-3 years ago. I saw other participants gain confidence and heard them express relief and gratitude for being better able to take control of their health and well being.

I attended this course with a range of people of different ages, very young to elderly for various reasons; asthma, sinus, bad sleep, snoring, blood pressure, nerves etc.

One other related benefit is my awareness to what treatment I accept. I now check for side effects of drugs and because of this I have stopped taking Lipex in consultation with my GP to try other forms of control, better food, sleep and exercise, the later the biggest challenge.

As an ex athlete, rugby rep and soldier I know the benefits of exercise, however in my later years exercise motivation has become my next challenge. At least now I can breathe better and am watching what I eat and ingest that is with the help of my wife who has also completed this amazing course.

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