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Oliver Vannoort (aged 10)

Oliver Vannoort (aged 10)

Buteyko breathing has helped me so much.

I used to run a short distance and then my chest contracted and I felt short of breath and I got a headache quickly. I also felt a bit dizzy. I would stop running, pant and lean on my knees and wait awhile to feel better. Most of the time I needed some Ventolin.

I felt sad that I couldn't keep up with my friends when we played running games at school. When we did the cross country at school I came last or nearly last.

When my Mum asked me if I would like to do Buteyko and she explained that it would help my asthma, I said "yes."

The Buteyko course was quite fun especially as I did it with a friend. We did a lot of things to do with slowing down our breathing and holding our breath.

Now I can run cross country, I've never been a fast runner but I can get a good placing and I can easily keep up with my friends when we play games.

I hardly ever get a tight chest now but if it does happen I stop, slow down my breathing like I was taught by Glenn and then I carry on running. I don't take Ventolin anymore.

I think Buteyko is really good and people with asthma should do the course and make their asthma go away!


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