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Adrienne Atkinson

Adrienne Atkinson

I am a very active 67 year old, and over the years have managed my asthma as best I could but have found my really low peak flow and breathing capacity a decided hindrance to my quality of life.

My asthma began when I was 28. We have spent a number of years away overseas on a boat and mostly my asthma was not too difficult to control with the use of atomisers and prednisone.

However since returning to Auckland at the end of 2002 it has rapidly deteriorated. After several bad attacks over the last 2 years I decided to attend a Buteyko course; which I had heard about while in Turkey.

Last winter I was taking 2 puffs of 3 different atomisers 2 to 4 times a day at the worst of times and needing large amounts of prednisone as well; and sometimes sessions on the nebuliser.

When I started with Glen in late January I was taking 1 or 2 puffs of the 3 atomisers, twice a day, with Ventolin to help if things got really difficult.
Within 2 days of starting the course I was able to cut out 3/4 of my medication and since then have been taking 1 puff of Flixotide twice daily with an occasional puff of Ventolin if I get caught short, though mostly I can manage these situations with one of the exercises we learnt. I am doing as much if not more physical activity on the property on this reduced amount, and have started at the local gym to improve my cardio-vascular and general fitness levels. My BP and pulse are down, my posture has improved and my general health is miles better. I am working with my own doctor too and look forward to cutting out the Flixotide very soon.

BUT another major change for me has been :-
For 6 and a half months before I started the course I had struggled with a severe leg ulcer caused by an altercation with a tractor clutch pedal. It had become infected 3 times. I had had 4 lots of antibiotic and towards the end a weeping and messy sinus had developed that just would not heal. I had an appointment with a vascular surgeon for an operation and skin graft as my doctor felt that the blood vessels were not working or flushing the area properly due to the poor oxygenation of the extremity. However after the second day of the Buteyko course my leg began to bleed and then the healing was amazingly rapid. I was thankfully able to cancel the operation.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their breathing, their life, their digestion etc but they do have to realise that it requires a real commitment of time and the desire to put their health and wellbeing at the top of their list.

With thanks to you Glenn and to Buteyko.

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