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Ross Ellison - Pulmonary Fibrosis

Ross Ellison - Pulmonary Fibrosis

I was diagnosed with a lung condition, Pulmonary Fibrosis, just prior to last Christmas (Dec 2012). The Specialist and my own Doctor made no suggestions for alternative treatment, advised there was no cure, and to go and enjoy life.
Not being prepared to readily accept such advice I contacted Glenn regarding the Buteyko Breathing Method which I knew little about at the time.

From our first contact he was very professional, informative and positive that Buteyko could assist with an improvement in both my breathing and general well-being. As a mouth-breather for 71 years it is difficult to change but the Buteyko course I attended, together with a concentrated effort of continuing to practice the method over the past 3 months, has I believe, already made a difference and I feel more confident in my future outcome.

I would personally strongly recommend Glenn and his Clinic to any person suffering from breathing or lung problems as he is a most dedicated practitioner in his field and I am aware of others who like myself will endorse similar comments for their own condition whether it be asthma, emphysema or the like.
Another added benefit from attending his Clinic is I no longer snore or experience bouts of sleep apnoea…. My wife is thrilled!!

Seriously, I am totally convinced of an improved outcome in my future health and I propose to continue practicing Buteyko breathing in the ensuing years.

Ross Ellison
3 July 2013

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