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Dylan, 10 years old

Dylan, 10 years old

Dylan was first referred to my clinic by Dr Leila Masson back in November 2017 when he was eight years old. At that time his nose was frequently blocked, he suffered from asthma, hay fever and was also snoring, grinding his teeth and sleeping badly. Dylan’s adenoids were inflamed, and surgery had been recommended. He was taking a Flixotide asthma inhaler, Univent and Flixonase steroid nasal spray at times, prior to enrolling on a Buteyko course. 

Dylan came in to see me for a follow up in November 2019, two years after completing the course. He hasn’t had asthma or needed an inhaler since doing the course. He is breathing comfortably through his nose and sleeping soundly and silently. No snoring or tooth grinding. Dylan’s adenoids are still intact. As of November 2019, he was still getting a touch of hay fever but only in spring. I gave him a new programme to help resolve that and will report back. 

Dylan breathes through his nose to boost his performance

Kirsty, Dylan's mum shared this video with me. Dylan trains for track and field every Tuesday and here he is doing long jump with mouth 100 percent closed. Tennis players Roger Federer and Ashleigh Barty, and sprinters Sanya Richards Ross and Maurice Greene are four elite athletes that have discovered the benefits of nose breathing for enhancing sport performance. Nose breathing translates to better posture and ensures maximal oxygen delivery to every muscle. It is brilliant to see Dylan still using the breathing techniques learnt on the course two years ago to boost his performance.  

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