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Yvonne Vannoort BDS Otago

Yvonne Vannoort BDS Otago

Hello Glenn,
I am very thankful for the help that you give to both children and adults alike here at Sanctuary Dental. We have seen adults that have had relief from snoring, sleep apnoea, acid-reflux and headaches, and children that have been relieved of asthma.

Many of the children that we see at Sanctuary have orthodontic problems because of the way that they have breathed as they have been developing. The upper and lower jaws don't grow into the shape and position that fits all the teeth so the teeth crowd. Their airways and posture can change too.

Our aim at Sanctuary is to help prevent these problems when we identify them early in development, to avoid or reduce the orthodontic treatment needed later.

Older children, who are in a later stage of development, require orthodontic treatment to improve the problems with their teeth and the shape of their mouth. They also need to learn and practise Buteyko breathing techniques to ensure that the results we achieve for them are stable long term and also to enjoy all the health benefits that come from breathing as the human body has been designed to breathe!

Yvonne Vannoort BDS Otago
Principal Dentist - Sanctuary Dental.

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