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Bob, Retired Accountant, Northland

Bob, Retired Accountant, Northland

I have had snoring issues for a number of years which caused sleeping problems for both myself and my wife. I have worn an in-mouth snoreguard device every night for more than 10 years, and, although it did reduce my snoring, it didn't work if I slept on my back. I also tried hypnosis which was also only partly successful.

In September I attended a 4 day Buteyko course to see if it could help reduce my snoring.

The first positive result was that I found I could carry out my morning aerobic exercises without breathing through my mouth. I had previously read that Buteyko required nose breathing only and tried it during my 10 minute stint on my rowing machine. I just couldn't do it then, as I hadn't been taught the correct breathing technique. Now I have no trouble doing my whole 30 minute exercise regime breathing only through my nose. Also I seem to have more endurance than before.

The second positive result was unexpected, and very welcome. Most evenings I suffered from heartburn/indigestion and always took an antacid tablet before bed.

The Buteyko exercises to tone the diaphragm worked immediately and I haven't had to take any antacids at all since completing the course. Even foods which I knew would give severe indigestion can now be consumed with no ill effects.

Soon after I finished the course I tried not using the snoreguard. Tape to help ensure my mouth stays shut is still required, but my snoring has now reduced to practically zero. My energy levels during the day have improved and I have an ongoing feeling of wellbeing. My wife is enjoying the benefits of a much better sleep as well.

I cannot speak highly enough of the benefits of taking a Buteyko course and believe that if I continue with the exercise programme I will gain even more health benefits. It is genuinely life changing and is by far the best expenditure on health I have ever made.

Bob, Retired Accountant, Northland

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