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Sleep Disorders

Do you get off to sleep easily, do you stay asleep, and do you awake refreshed? 

Troubled sleepIf not, your breathing is likely to be disrupting your sleep. Sleep-disordered breathing affects a large proportion of the population and increasing numbers of children are being diagnosed with sleeping disorders. Symptoms may include snoring, sleep apnoea, night-time asthma, coughing, insomnia, restless sleep, vivid dreams/ nightmares, night-time hyperventilation attacks, bruxism (teeth grinding), nocturia (awakening from sleep to pass urine), nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting), nasal congestion, night thirst, morning grogginess and dry throat on waking.

The Buteyko breathing retraining programme can address these problems and help you get back one of life's most important assets:  restful, refreshing sleep.

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Sleep Apnea (Apnoea)
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  • Insomnia or habitual sleeplessness is not a specific disease but a symptom of some underlying problem...

‘…sleep disorders represent another silent epidemic, much as hypertension was characteristic a decade ago. Neither the public nor the physicians understand that sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy and sleep apnoea are real illnesses with serious and pernicious effects…’
Wake up America, A National Sleep Alert - September 1992

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