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Managing the symptoms of COPD

Consider how you would feel after blowing up a batch of party balloons. We are often told that deep breathing is good for us and will deliver more oxygen to our body, yet deeply breathing to blow up a balloon leaves us feeling worse, not better! We experience symptoms indicative of lack of oxygen such as dizziness, breathlessness, light-headedness, etc. Paradoxically, breathing in this way can reduce oxygen availability to brain and body tissues as explained in this section on the science of breathing retraining »

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At the Buteyko Breathing Clinic we will help you breathe more efficiently. You will learn to breathe in such a way that daily activities will leave you less breathless. And more importantly, the techniques you learn can help improve oxygen exchange thereby improving your mobility and stamina. It is often quite a surprise for someone diagnosed with emphysema to discover they can complete many daily tasks without getting breathless. Many of our clients had previously resigned themselves to slow irreversible deterioration.

To learn more about how Buteyko can help relieve the symptoms of emphysema, contact us for a private consultation or to attend an upcoming introductory seminar.

"Today I can walk most places, not always at the fastest pace but not at the snail's pace I used to move at (and with difficulty). I no longer continuously cough and splutter and am no longer filled with phlegm. I still have COPD but it is no longer debilitating. I don’t run around the block but I move at my own pace and I enjoy my life."
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Click here for more on managing COPD, including a free Guide for people with COPD »

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