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Sinusitis Symptoms

Sniffles cartoonSinusitis is inflammation with or without infection affecting the sinus cavities. Pain, headache, swelling, discharge, excessive mucus and postnasal drip may all be present. Common treatments include steroid and non-steroid nasal sprays, antihistamines, antibiotics, inhalations, nasal washes, etc.

Susceptible people often have multiple sensitivities to foods and chemicals and will also display disturbed sleep. Symptoms tend to become chronic and more frequent over time.

Over-breathing, or hyperventilation, lowers the carbon dioxide level within the blood and the respiratory system including the nasal/sinus passages. A low carbon dioxide environment stimulates mast cells to release greater amounts of histamine, an inflammatory agent, in response to contact with allergens. In short, the body over-reacts and the nasal and sinus regions become swollen and inflamed. Secondary infections are common in the warm moist environment.

Learn how Buteyko can help treat sinusitis.

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