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Natural Relief from Sleep Apnoea

Alveolar cartoon

The approach used at the Buteyko Breathing Clinic recognises that people who snore and suffer from sleep apnoea have disordered breathing.

One consequence of snoring (hyperventilation) is to deplete arterial and alveolar carbon dioxide (CO2) to the point where the breathing reflex is depressed. This results in an apnoea or hypopnoea. During cessation of breathing alveolar and arterial CO2 levels accumulate until the breathing reflex is triggered. This is defined as central sleep apnoea. The majority of our clients who have undergone sleep studies exhibit a combination of central and obstructive sleep apnoea.

The Buteyko Breathing Clinic programme includes specific breathing training techniques to help restore a normal breathing pattern thereby stabilising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, and facilitating optimal oxygenation of brain and body tissues.

Restoring a natural breathing pattern can enable normal sleep patterns to return. 

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