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Jim, 56

Early in 2010 I was diagnosed with moderate to severe COPD. 1000ug of inhaled steroid, 4 puffs of long acting bronchial dilator and the odd puff of short acting bronchial dilator was required to control the deteriorating condition.

Doctors had informed me that it was not possible to reduce the medication and that the condition would worsen over time. The medication caused my heart rate to increase and naturally my breathing deepened and quickened.
Thanks to the Buteyko method of breathing taught by Glenn at his clinic in Auckland my health has improved at an unbelievable rate.

I attended the course in early October 2010. I noticed an improvement within a few days.

In the first week I was no longer using the bronchial dilators. Three months later I continue to improve. I now only use 500ug inhaled steroid per day. At the present rate of improvement I should be off the steroid completely in a few more months.

I can now walk 5 km in 50 Min.

Note: Jim, like many of our clients has indicated he is happy to be contacted about his experience in overcoming his symptoms with the Buteyko Breathing Clinic programme. Please call us on 09-360 6291 if you would like to be put in touch with Jim or any of our other clients.

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