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Studies link sleep apnoea to increased cancer risk

Studies link sleep apnoea to increased cancer risk

The relationship between sleep disordered breathing and cardiovascular risk is well documented. Now two observational studies are suggesting a strong link with increased risk of cancer. This research marks the first time that sleep apnoea has been linked to cancer in humans.

The researchers ruled out the possibility that the usual risk factors for cancer, like age, smoking, alcohol use, physical activity and weight, could have played a role. The association between cancer and disordered breathing at night remained even after they adjusted these and other variables. Neither study specifically looked at the impact of treatment for apnoea on survival although in the Wisconsin study the cancer association was stronger after people who were being treated with CPAP were removed from the analysis.

Source NYT:
Wisconsin study abstract:

Quote of the day from the NY Times article

“I would say that this is one more instance that shows that sleep apnea can have profound impacts for people’s health,” he added.  “Not breathing while you’re sleeping is a serious problem.” – Dr. F. Javier Nieto, one of the Wisconsin study’s authors

If this researcher understood the real cause of sleep apnoea he might have said, “Over-breathing while you’re sleeping is a serious problem.”

One more good reason to sort out your sleep apnoea and snoring. At the Buteyko Breathing Clinic we take conditions like snoring and sleep apnoea seriously. Unlike treatments such as CPAP, dental appliances and surgery that only treat the symptom, we help you to resolve the cause: YOUR DYSFUNCTIONAL BREATHING. The benefits of healthy breathing go way beyond resolving snoring and apnoeas which are merely symptoms of a deeper malady that is not addressed by the conventional treatments.

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Posted: Tue 29 May 2012


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