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Is organic food healthier than conventional?

Is organic food healthier than conventional?

If you have seen reports that organic is no better than conventional produce then perhaps you should read this before turning your back on the farmers markets and your own garden produce. A new book by Brian Schaefer documents a remarkable discovery into the role plant-derived nutrients called Salvestrols might have in protecting themselves and those that eat them against disease.

Salvestrols are part of a plant’s immune system and they are produced to inhibit the action of a fungi or pathogen. They should be found in abundance in many of the plants that we eat – but there is a problem.

It’s estimated that we consume today only 10-20% of the Salvestrols that occurred in our diet 100 years ago and even worse with widespread use of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides, the foods we eat today have almost undetectable levels of Salvestrols.

What you can do:

  • Buy local and where possible organic produce
  • Farmers markets are an excellent place to get good-quality produce
  • Start a vegetable garden and grow heirloom/ heritage vegetables


Click here to read John Appleton’s article on Salvestrols.

The Salvestrol Story by Brian Schaefer. This book is a must read for anyone with an interest in their health.

Questions over organic food benefits – NZ Herald, 4th September 2012

Is organic food healthier than conventional? – NZ Herald, 5th September 2012

Posted: Thu 06 Sep 2012


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