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Stop your hay fever and allergies the natural way

Stop your hay fever and allergies the natural way

Spring is here and with it pollen. If you suffer from hay fever and allergies every spring, instead of trying to suppress the symptoms with antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays and eye drops, why not fix the problem permanently and naturally?

Are you suffering from bouts of sneezing, runny nose or itchy skin/eyes? Are you having disrupted sleep, complaints about your snoring or just feeling tired and run-down?

Well, you’re not alone: it's hay fever/allergy season and our clinic is always swamped with enquiries at this time of year.

Conventional hay fever treatments such as antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays and eye drops are designed to mask symptoms. There are a whole range of remedies and treatments to help relieve seasonal hay fever. Some may benefit from a course of acupuncture and a good diet, minimising dairy, wheat and sugar and adequate C, D and B group vitamins.  Adding fish oil will also benefit.

Hay fever and allergies… the real cause
Hay fever, itchy eyes and other allergic symptoms are in fact only the outward manifestation of a deeper health issue and a dysfunctional breathing pattern.

Improve your breathing if you want to overcome your hay fever and allergies
In 11 years of clinical practice I have yet to see a client with hay fever and allergies that doesn’t have a dysfunctional breathing pattern. In fact, prior to learning the Buteyko clinic programme over 90 per cent of my clients are breathing 2-3 times the medical norm of 4-5 litres of air per minute (8-10 breaths per minute).

As the stresses of modern life increase so has breathing. The figure below, compiled from medical studies of ‘healthy subjects’, shows that minute volumes (a measure of breathing) have doubled in fifty years. Breathing-related disorders like asthma, allergies, sleep apnoea and stress disorders have seen a similar rise over the same period.

Breathing rates have doubled in last 50 years

The figure demonstrates that breathing rates have doubled in the last fifty years
Source: A. Rakhimov – The key to Normal Breathing

Over-breathing dries and inflames airways and disrupts the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in airways and blood. This can trigger asthma, hay fever, allergies and even eczema in susceptible individuals.

In addition to this, breathing 2-3 times as much air as you should exposes you to 2-3 times the levels of airborne pollen, cat dander, fungus and mould spores, dust and dust mite faeces and cold and flu germs.

So what can you do?

We can help you overcome your hay-fever and allergies the natural way

In five sessions we will help you to breathe the way our ancestors breathed (people with disorders like asthma, allergies, hay fever, sleep apnoea and panic/ anxiety disorders were rare 100 + years ago).

You will learn breathing exercises and life-style guidelines to help restore a natural breathing pattern. Most people experience improvements in their symptoms within 2-3 sessions.

Phone the clinic on 09-360 6291 for information or to book a consultation, seminar or course.

Posted: Wed 17 Oct 2012


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