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Is Modern Medicine Killing You?

Is Modern Medicine Killing You?


How Philip Parker overcame his sleep apnoea

The Buteyko Breathing Clinic features in a new series that screens 8pm Wednesday on TV One. Each episode features two patients who have tried to get well using a number of prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication and remedies.

When none of these works, they turn to two Auckland GPs who use natural and complementary medicines and therapies which have a scientific basis to help treat the patient rather than mask their symptoms.

Right from the initial consultation, the audience sees a diagnosis and follows each patient on a path of discovery to the cause of their illness.

In the third episode, on the 17th October, Philip Parker was referred to our clinic for his sleep apnoea by Dr Glenn Twentyman. Glenn practises at the Holistic Medical Centre on Richmond Rd.

Philip had previously suffered from a heart condition requiring a triple bypass in 2004. Like many people, Philip hadn’t realised the link between sleep apnoea and his heart condition. What’s more, he wasn't aware that by correcting his breathing he could not only overcome the sleep apnoea but also improve his heart health.

Within a few sessions Philip was sleeping better than he had for years and best of all no longer needed the CPAP machine. The programme screened on Wednesday 12th December at 7pm. It can be viewed online at TVNZ.

Anyone that snores or has sleep apnoea should know the risks

A 2008 study found loud snorers had a 40% greater risk of having high blood pressure, 34 % had a greater risk of heart attack and 67% had a greater risk of stroke. A 2005 Yale study found that people with sleep apnoea are three times more likely to die from a stroke than people of similar health who don't have the breathing disorderi ii.

If you saw Phil on Is Modern Medicine Killing You? then you know he completed the Buteyko Clinic programme. With this and lifestyle changes recommended by his doctor he made a complete recovery. He now sleeps like a babe with renewed health and vigour.

Phil is one of thousands that have completed a Buteyko Clinic programme and achieved the same results. Phone us on 09-360 6291 if you too want to enjoy restful snore-free sleep and the many benefits of optimal breathing.


  • Sleep apnoea and snoring are breathing disorders and should be treated as such
  • Dental appliances and CPAP may offer some relief but do not correct the underlying dysfunctional breathing pattern
  • Relief from snoring and sleep apnoea can be achieved in as few as five 90-minute sessions of breathing exercises

I feel confident in recommending this course to my patients who have asthma, sleep problems, sleep apnoea ,anxiety and panic attacks. I believe every health professional should experience the course for themselves. It is quite possible that Buteyko breathing could have much wider health applications.Anne O'Reilly MBChB FRNZCGP

I would recommend anybody, regardless of their health situation to try this method because it is made a huge difference in my life. Anyone who suffers from poor sleep should consider the course before having a sleep study conducted. I wish I had done this years ago and not had such a painful combination of surgeries and spent a lot of money on a machine I no longer use that did not address the issues I suffered from.Daniel Lucas

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Dan is one of many past clients who are more than happy to be contacted about their experiences in overcoming sleep apnoea and other breathing-related disorders. Phone us on 09-360 6291 if you would like to contact Dan or others who like him are willing to spread the word about this life-changing programme.

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iiYaggi et al. 2005

Posted: Wed 24 Oct 2012


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