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Buteyko Breathing Clinics seminar and course Wellington

Buteyko Breathing Clinics seminar and course Wellington

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Snoring – sleep apnoea – asthma – crooked teeth...
What’s the link?

Children who mouth-breathe are more prone to enlarged adenoids/tonsils, glue ear, respiratory infections, asthma, allergies and chronic cough. If this habit is not corrected this can lead to crooked teeth, receding chin, protruding nose, narrow airway and a high risk of developing obstructive sleep apnoea, respiratory disorders and cardiovascular risk as adults.

Mouth breathing

This seminar provides vital, life-changing information for anyone suffering from respiratory, sleep, dental, cardiovascular or stress-related disorders. You will:

  • Learn the simple steps to restful snore-free, apnoea-free sleep
  • Hear breathing myths busted and learn how we are supposed to breathe
  • Discover how asthma can be overcome just by changing the way you breathe
  • Learn the connection between mouth breathing - dental disorders and what you can do
  • Learn how to clear even the most stubborn blocked nose, the natural way
  • Have your breathing assessed and take the first steps to optimal breathing and health
  • Learn how allergies, hay fever, chronic cough, anxiety/panic attacks, cardiovascular disorders and digestive disorders can be helped by this revolutionary five-day breathing programme.
  • Learn correct breathing for Yoga, Pilates, all sports and fitness training
  • CPD points for health professionals

Also recommended for dental and other health professionals, sports coaches, teachers
and all who want to learn simple breathing techniques to improve health.


Seminar Details
ASB Sports Centre, Whataitai Meeting Room
72 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington
Thursday 9th October 6:30-7:30pm
Seminar fee: $55, concessions for families
Seminar fee is waived for those who book onto the course
Download seminar info sheet here [PDF] >>
Download seminar poster here [PDF] >>

To book a place on the seminar or for more information contact:
0800 464 253

A Buteyko Breathing course will be held the following week at the ASB Sports Centre:
Monday 13th – Friday 17th October 4:00–5:30pm or 6:00–7:30pm
Download course info sheet here [PDF] >> 

Posted: Tue 09 Sep 2014


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