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Kirsten Elliot - referred by her doctor for help with chronic pain and fatigue

Kirsten Elliot - referred by her doctor for help with chronic pain and fatigue

I would absolutely recommend a Buteyko breathing retraining course to anyone, of any age, especially those with chronic health problems who think hope is lost. After years of poor health – living with chronic pain and fatigue – or rather not living, but instead struggling through every day, I have finally turned a corner with my health, and it’s Buteyko that has made the difference. I am now in part-time work and also studying psychology. I have hope that I will reach my goal of becoming a clinical psychologist, and will certainly be referring any of my future patients with anxiety and depression, as well as other physical health issues, to Buteyko. I had tried everything over the years, including other breathing retraining methods. Nothing helped. Even months of vitamin, mineral and hormone therapy, on top of a very strict diet, wasn’t helping as it should.

My doctor; Frances Pitsilis said that I had to focus on changing my over-breathing (HVS) as this was the key component left re: my health status. It was difficult to hear that all my pain and other symptoms could be shifted just because of my breathing incorrectly. But she was right! And I am so grateful to her, and of course to Glenn White for his kindness and expertise. His courses make sense and are 100% worth the time and money spent to recover your best life. I’m well on my way there and looking forward to a much brighter future in every way.

Kirsten Elliot – November 2013

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