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Breathing Workshops in Japan

Breathing Workshops in Japan

Glenn has just completed breathing workshops for 48 dental practitioners at Duckling Dental in Shizuoka, Japan. Dentists in Japan are recognising the link between mouth breathing and dental disorders, and the importance of incorporating breathing retraining programmes in their treatments. We have had an enthusiastic response to these workshops and plan to run more at Duckling Dental in the near future. Glenn is also planning practitioner training in Japan.

Photo at right: Group 1 with Duckling Dental staff and children’s breathing course graduates Koutoro and Souya » 

The workshops were organised by Dr Masaki Shioda and the staff at Ducking Dental in Shizuoka. Dentists, hygienists and myofunctional therapists came from every geographic region in Japan to attend the programme. There is a fast-growing interest in breathing retraining programmes amongst dental practitioners in Japan. Many of these dentists now recognise the link between mouth breathing and dental disorders like crowded teeth, malocclusions and underdeveloped jaw. Many of these dental practitioners practice what is known as early intervention orthodontics and use appliances and programmes developed by Myofunctional Research Company (MRC).

Children who learn to breathe through their nose with correct tongue posture are less likely to suffer from disorders like asthma, hay fever and frequent respiratory infections. Learning good posture and nose breathing habits from a young age also help ensure the airway develops correctly so there is less likelihood of developing sleep apnoea as an adult. It is also recognised that nose breathers have the best likelihood of developing attractive facial features as an adult. This is because children who mouth breathe tend to develop longer faces with resulting longer nose and in some cases underdeveloped and jaw and receding chin. They are also likely to need braces.

These workshops familiarise health professionals with the signs and symptoms of dysfunctional diagnosis and how to assess dysfunctional breathing. Attendees also learn about causes and symptoms of breathing dysfunction and how a variety of disorders and syndromes can be related to breathing dysfunction. Attendees experience breathing exercises and lifestyle guidelines used in our clinics. Attendees learn skills that enable them to help their clients make immediate improvements to their health.

From the photos you will see that it wasn’t all work. We had lots of fun enjoying Duckling Dental hospitality and the excellent Japanese food that was served throughout the course.

Dr Arisa Shioda of Duckling Dental was accredited as a Buteyko Institute associate practitioner in 2015. The visit was an opportunity to formerly present her certification.  

We plan to run more workshops at Duckling Dental. Glenn will also be offering Buteyko Institute practitioner training in Japan in the near future.

Please contact our clinic on +64-9-360 6291 or if you would like information on future breathing re-training programmes in Japan. Alternatively you can contact Dr Masaki Shioda at Duckling Dental, Shizuoka Japan

Arisa Shioda with her Buteyko Institute associate practitioner's certificate

A happy reunion with some of the children who did the Buteyko course with Glenn and Arisa in 2014

Group 1 social event with sushi and some local delicacies

Sen gives the victory salute after demonstrating breathing exercises to Group 3

Brothers Koutoro and Souya demonstrating some breathing exercises to Group 1

A welcome break

Workshops at Duckling Dental

Workshops at Duckling Dental

Group 2

Our second group of dental professionals with Dr Shioda of Duckling Dental wearing blue shirt in the middle back

Group 3 dinner

Our third group breaks for the day with a wonderful meal put on by Duckling Dental

Sukiyaki dinner with three generations of the Shioda family

Shinkansen train

About to board the Shinkansen train for Moriaki and Appi ski area

Appi skiing

Appi – Kogen Ski area at the summit with Dr Shioda and his wife Kuniko

Appi ski resort

Appi Ski resort with Dr Shioda, Dr Arisa and Kuniko Shioda

Appi skiing

Appi Ski area after 15cm of new powder snow


With some of the Duckling Dental staff at Appi

Posted: Sun 31 Jan 2016


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