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NZ Pyschological Society Conference Workshop

NZ Pyschological Society Conference Workshop

A role for breathing retraining in the assessment and management of anxiety, sleep and other breathing-related disorders

Glenn is presenting a workshop at the New Zealand Psychological Society annual conference in Auckland on 4 September 2021.

Breathing is a missing pillar of health. Breathing properly can allow us to live longer and healthier lives. Breathing poorly contributes to anxiety, stress, poor sleep, and a long list of other disorders.

Breathing educator, Glenn White, will guide you through assessment of dysfunctional breathing and introduce you to retraining techniques utilised in his clinic. 

This 3.5-hour interactive workshop expands on a 90-minute online presentation to the NZ Psychology Association 26 May 2021. It will include a review of the main points from that session followed by practical demonstrations of techniques used in Glenn’s practice for assessing and retraining dysfunctional breathing.

The workshop will cover:

  • The connection between mouth-breathing, over-breathing, and poor craniofacial development
  • How poor breathing habits can contribute to anxiety/panic attacks, sleep breathing disorders (snoring/sleep apnoea, insomnia) and respiratory disorders (asthma, hay fever, nasal congestion, chronic cough)
  • How to assess dysfunctional breathing
  • Introduction to capnometry in assessment and retraining of dysfunctional breathing
  • Demonstration of some breathing exercises used to help relieve symptoms of breathing dysfunction
  • Less is more – breathing exercises and strategies to help engage a parasympathetic state
  • Case studies to demonstrate strategies attendees can use in clinical practice
  • A guided breathing session
  • What to look for, what you can do and when to refer
  • An explanation of the 6-week Buteyko breathing retraining programme

This interactive workshop will help participants better understand their own breathing and identify actionable approaches for assessing and helping clients with their breathing.

About Glenn

Glenn White is New Zealand’s only Buteyko Institute certified practitioner trainer and director of the Buteyko Breathing Clinics in Auckland, New Zealand.

Glenn overcame a lifetime of asthma and allergies after completing a Buteyko breathing course in 2000. He has been asthma, allergy and medication free since that time. Overcoming a lifetime illness was the inspiration to train as a Buteyko Institute practitioner in the UK, returning to open the Buteyko Breathing Clinics in New Zealand in 2001.

The clinics specialise in stress, respiratory and sleep disorders. Since 2001, Glenn has been teaching clients and training practitioners in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. His work was featured on TV3’s Modern Medicine in 2012 and on Campbell Live in 2006.

Glenn has spoken at conferences in New Zealand and internationally and is currently an asthma ambassador for Asthma New Zealand. His goal is to have breathing assessments and retraining incorporated into general practice to help reduce the burden of breathing disorders.

Posted: Wed 23 Jun 2021


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