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Asthma Attacks

Some people may go for months without experiencing any symptoms of asthma and seemingly quite out of the blue be struck down with an acute asthma attack (brittle asthma). Others may find the sensations of breathlessness almost continuous.

The severity of your condition can generally be measured by how it affects everyday activities and how easily it is controlled. Mild to moderate asthma may limit your ability to play sport without needing reliever medication. Severe asthma may turn normally effortless tasks like climbing stairs into a mission. When asthma is very severe even talking can leave you breathless.

Asthma boy

Generally the stronger the medication required, or the more severe the attacks (even if rare), the more severe the asthma.

Some people may be relatively symptom free and only rarely get asthma attacks. These people usually classify themselves as mild asthmatics, however they are often the ones most at risk of a life-threatening attack.

A Buteyko Breathing Clinics course can help you manage your asthma, whatever the severity.  
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