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Breathing Retraining for Asthma

"Asthmatics" have genetically determined smooth muscle configurations in their bronchioles so their airways are more susceptible to bronchoconstriction than non-asthmatics.i Loss of carbon dioxide through hyperventilation can trigger bronchoconstriction in the more susceptible airways of asthmatics. ii iii

It has also been established that hyperventilation is common in those with asthma.iv v vi

In the first clinical trial of the Buteyko Method for asthma, asthmatics in that trial were on average breathing 15 litres of air per minute at rest (normal < 10 litres).vii

At the Buteyko Clinic we address the underlying breathing dysfunction to help relieve asthma symptoms naturally.

Attend one of our regular introductory seminars to learn more about the programme and the scientific basis for the management of asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Short article including clinical trials, studies and reviews supporting the use of breathing training for asthma
Summary of published Buteyko trials 1998-2013

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Buteyko group course


I expected drugs to control my asthma.  They did for a long while but I became bewildered by their increasing lack of efficacy.  By way of contrast, I did not really expect Buteyko to work, but tried it because I was running out of conventional (drug) options.  To my amazement Buteyko has been very effective indeed, to the extent that for the first time in 20 years I am no longer dependent on any drugs.
Keith Goddard, 56


Before going to see Glenn I had reasonably bad Asthma, I would have to take my Ventolin at least 4-5 times a week. But after the course I feel great and barely ever take my Ventolin. My Asthma is practically gone.
Lucian Jones, 16

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