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TIME MAGAZINE - Save your Breath by Mandy Oaklander

TIME MAGAZINE - Save your Breath by Mandy Oaklander

It is good to see the importance of functional breathing getting some press. However, all too often that advice invariably ends up contributing to the problem. The breathing exercises shown in the accompanying Time Magazine article advising alternate nasal breathing are fine and based on Pranayama breathing techniques.

However, advice shown in points 2 and 3 of this article to inhale and exhale fully and to hold on the inhalation are not recommended in any circumstances and likely to increase stress levels and ability to get restful sleep.

Less is more where breathing is concerned and any advice that includes big volume breathing and breath holding on the in-breath is best avoided. The science behind this is explained in our information seminars.

Breathe less not breathless – four breathing tips to help de-stress:

  1. Try to breathe in and out through the nose
  2. Try to breathe diaphragmatically (breathe from the belly)
  3. Breathe softly, quietly and try to it slow down – breathe less
  4. And don’t hold on the in-breath, except if you are swimming or free diving.

Our clinic specialises in programmes to de-stress, improve sleep and relieve a wide range of breathing disorders. Contact us for help in overcoming symptoms and restoring a functional breathing pattern 24/7.

Posted: Tue 15 Dec 2015


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