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'Smash Asthma' – The wisdom of wheezing by Peter Parkinson

Glenn White & Dr Peter Parkinson

Glenn White with Dr Peter Parkinson, November 2017

Dr Peter Parkinson’s Smash Asthma is essential reading for anyone with asthma, for families of those with asthma and for health professionals working with respiratory disorders. This book will turn your perception of this disorder on its head. As the by-line on the front cover says, “The wisdom of wheezing“ is an invitation to better understand what the symptoms of asthma are telling us, so that we might learn how to control and prevent asthma without the need for medications. 

Dr Peter Parkinson, a specialist physician, outlines his experiences with clients who have had asthma, and looks at its why's and how's, and the role of adrenaline in this widespread 'disease'. 

Smash Asthma is his journey of discovery in this area, looking at the origins of asthma, its myths, and new healing outcomes that encompass the physical, the emotional, and the influence of medications. 

At each step he shares the relevant medical knowledge of how the body works, together with lots of common sense, shedding new light on the relationship of traumatic stress to asthma and the role of asthmatic drugs.

Along the way, you will also encounter insights into day-to-day relationships and effective parenting.

For the enthusiastic medical researcher, a set of tools for assessing health and well-being is introduced in order to better understand asthma and plot its recovery.

Whether you are an asthmatic, a friend or family member of one, or a health professional treating an asthmatic, Smash Asthma opens a vital new perspective in the understanding of asthma and the way to potential thriving health. 

It's a very easy and informative read.


Copies of Smash Asthma are available in our clinic for NZ$20, not including shipping.

The book can also be purchased online »

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