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Waikato Breathing Seminar Monday 4th July & Courses starting same week

Waikato Breathing Seminar Monday 4th July & Courses starting same week
♦ Save your TEETH ♦ Improve ENERGY levels, HEALTH and FITNESS
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Anxiety and stress

Presented by Glenn White, the seminar and courses are for anyone who wants to:

  • Relieve snoring, sleep apnoea or insomnia
  • Control asthma naturally
  • Alleviate suffering from allergies, hay fever or blocked nose
  • Learn breathing techniques to de-stress and overcome anxiety/panic attacks
  • Practise correct breathing for Yoga, Pilates, all sports and fitness training

Also recommended for dental and other health professionals, sports coaches, teachers and all who want to learn simple breathing techniques to improve fitness, health and wellbeing.

As seen on Campbell Live and TV One’s IS MODERN MEDICINE KILLING YOU?

Seminar Details

This 90-minute seminar will be presented by Glenn White of the Buteyko Breathing Clinic in Auckland. Since 2001, he has helped thousands of adults and children in New Zealand with asthma, allergies, sleep apnoea, stress and many other breathing disorders.

The seminar will include a full explanation of and the scientific basis for the programme, along with breathing exercises and lifestyle guidelines for those with breathing-related disorders such as asthma, hay fever, snoring, sleep apnoea, anxiety/panic attacks and stress; and for some cardiovascular and dental problems.

You will be shown a simple breathing test to determine how well you are breathing as well as some breathing exercises and guidelines for alleviating symptoms.

An informative 90 minutes is guaranteed.

Seminar Date:  Monday 4 July 2016
Times:  11:00am–12:30pm  OR  5:30–7.00pm

Where:  No. 1 Motels, 89 Victoria Street, Cambridge

Seminar fee: $55*, discount for families
*Seminar fee is waived for those who book onto the course

For more information contact Felicity Campbell:
Mobile 027 292 9222
Phone 07 859 2598

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Course Details

Two courses will be held in Cambridge the same week following the seminar. The course consists of four 90-minute sessions Monday to Thursday, with telephone support as needed, and two follow-up sessions within six weeks from when the course commences. Each session will include individualised breathing exercises and lifestyle guidelines to help you relieve your symptoms by restoring a natural day and night-time breathing pattern.

What you can expect: A significant reduction in symptoms within the 6 weeks. Benefits include better sleep, increased energy levels, improved fitness/sport performance and less susceptibility to colds and flu. The breathing exercises are practised daily for six weeks for optimal results. After that time it is usually possible to stop the daily practice, although life-long awareness of the concepts is recommended. 

The courses will run at two different times each day in the same week following the seminar.

Course Dates:  Monday 4 – Thursday 7 July 2016 
Times:  11:00am–12:30pm  OR  5:30–7.00pm

Where:  No. 1 Motels, 89 Victoria Street, Cambridge

Course fee:  $650 

If you attend the seminar on Monday, the $55 seminar fee can be counted as part of the course deposit if you decide to continue on the course.  There is no obligation to do so.

To book on the seminar or course, or for more information, contact Felicity Campbell:

Mobile 027 292 9222
Phone 07 859 2598

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Buteyko is a clinically proven technique delivering immediate and sustained relief from breathing-related problems in children and adults

Buteyko Breathing Clinics

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