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Olga Horne

Olga Horne

Olga came to Auckland from Moscow in 1997, taking leave from a career in institutional banking to further her studies in economics at the University of Auckland. After completing her studies, she got married and decided to stay in New Zealand. She had a short career in wholesale and treasury banking here before having two children and becoming a full time mum.

Olga always had mild asthma but as her son reached about 3 years old his became quite severe during the winter months. After years of treating the asthma with various medicines, including steroids as prescribed, and other natural remedies, Olga decided to look for a more permanent treatment that addressed the cause rather than treating the symptoms and enrolled in a Buteyko course in 2011. The results have been impressive – neither Olga nor her son have used a puffer (or any asthma related medication) since then and their general health has improved.

Olga has a strong interest in exploring non-medicinal ways to improve health and well-being and, along with Buteyko, regularly do yoga and meditation. She became increasingly interested in how breathing patterns impacted general health and began doing her own research and enrolled in a practitioner’s course with New Zealand’s leading practitioner, Glenn White.

Olga is committed to helping people have a better quality of life by working with them to discover and learn the power of the Buteyko breathing method.

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