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As Auckland has moved back to Covid-19 Alert Level 1, we are offering both in-clinic and online consultations once more.
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Pia Schroeter

Pia Schroeter

All my life I suffered from allergies like eczema, hay fever and breathing problems when getting in contact with animals. Visiting friends and family with cats and dogs created a constant challenge to me and involved taking medication for my wheezing which sometimes didn’t even bring relief. 

I got excited when I heard about the Buteyko method and after doing some research and reading up on it took part in a course with Glenn. One was leading to the next and I decided to gain more knowledge which I could pass on to the benefit of others and enrolled to become a practitioner.

In 2017 I left behind busy Auckland and moved with my family to sunny Nelson where I continue to offer breathing courses. My consultation room is at the Loveday Clinic.

In my spare time I battle snails and bugs in my beloved veggie garden. Growing my own has been a hobby for years. On the weekends you find me experimenting in the kitchen whipping up paleo meals or chopping up raw food creations to the delight of my family. Our new addition, Molly, the Birman cat rules the house and keeps us on our toes. She can be very vocal and demanding when it comes cuddle or playtime.

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