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Susan Allen

Susan Allen

Susan since an early age has been interested in the many different modalities and understandings that lead to a healthy body and mind. Following a brief career as a Mechanical Engineer and tired of the corporate life she decided to pursue her interest in meditation and yoga, consequently spending a few years living in India. This opened her eyes to the great tradition of yoga and the varied practices of breath and meditation that it comprises. Of particular interest was the relationship between physical and mental health and how the yoga practices address this link.

From 2002-2018 Susan has run her own yoga studio – in Ireland and now in her native New Zealand. Her current studio Yoga Ground in central Auckland is one of the city's premier yoga studios with an increasing reputation for offering authentic, holistic yoga.

In 2012, Susan's lifelong hay fever suffering led her to Glenn White's door at the Buteyko Clinic, Auckland. She never looked back. Not only did Buteyko fix Susan's hay fever and several other health issues, it also filled a gap in her knowledge of respiratory physiology that had not been covered in her yoga training. She then began her 12 months Buteyko Method practitioner training with Glenn. Susan is now a qualified Buteyko Institute practitioner offering Buteyko courses in Wanaka. For many years she has used various yogic breathing principles with her clients depending on their condition. Buteyko brings a very powerful tool to the mix. Susan is excited how this can be used both for resolving physical health issues as well as a powerful integrative tool for meditation, linking the mind to the body.

In late 2014 Susan moved to Wanaka and now teaches Yoga and Buteyko courses in the South Island

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