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Efficient breathing enhances athletic performance and recovery by optimising oxygen delivery to tissues

Efficient breathers perform longer and faster on fewer litres of air per minute and have fewer breakdowns.

Correct breathing improves sports performanceOptimising oxygen delivery to the body's tissues has the following effects:

  • provides cardiovascular improvements through enhanced blood flow with less resistance in blood vessels, and enhanced release of oxygen to working muscles (Verigo-Bohr Effect)
  • the same levels of exertion can be maintained with a lower heart rate and less effort
  • endurance improves as metabolism is aerobic for a longer period
  • less lactic acid buildup, less cramping and leg fatigue
  • lactic acid clearance is enhanced due to dilation of blood vessels
  • recovery is faster due to lower performance heart rate and faster heart rate recovery time and enhanced clearance of metabolic end-products
  • reduction in breathing volume and improved breathing efficiency results in less irritation and dehydration of the airways with reduced symptoms of dyspnoea and asthma (the role of CO2 as a natural bronchodilator)
  • normalised arterial CO2  benefits immune function and metabolism due to its role as a blood pH buffer    
  • improvements in breathing carry over into nocturnal breathing, evidenced in better sleep quality with less snoring and apnoea.


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Contact us to book a breathing/fitness assessment and we will show you how to achieve a 20% improvement in your fitness and recovery time in just one 60-minute session.

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